• 1887 – H

• 1887 – H.W Goodwin invented celluloid film which could hold images
• 1892 – Emil Reynaud opened a theatre in France using an invention called the Praxinoscope that used turning mirrors to reflect images to make it look like a moving illusion.
• 1893 – Thomas Edison was able to produce moving film pictures on the wall using Goodwin’s celluloid film.
• 1899 – Sound was captured for the first time using a magnetic recording device.
• 1900 – James Stuart Blackton used animation techniques to produce a short film that documented the drawing process of characters without showing him doing it.
• 1908 – “Fantasmagorie” was the first officially animated film.
• 1914 – “Gertie the Dinosaur” known to be the first short animated film.
• 1915 – John Bray developed and patented a process for companies to create animated films he tried unsuccessfully to force other companies to use his designs.
• 1920 – Otto Messmer created a very popular character named Felix the Cat.
• 1922 – A 20 year old Walt Disney began his first animation studio called “Laugh -O- Grams”.
• 1928 – Walt Disney released a short film named “Steamboat Willie” featuring the first appearance of Mickey Mouse.
• 1930 – Warner Bros Studios is born and “Looney Tunes” became very popular.
• 1932 – Walt Disney developed the 3 strip technicolour animator.
• 1935 – Len Lye a method of painting directly on film strips that used in Walt Disney’s animated film called “Color Box.”
• 1937 – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” the first full-length animated film was a major hit.
• 1940 – Iconic characters start to grow and several more are created such as Woody the Woodpecker, Tom and Jerry, and Mighty Mouse
• 1972 – At the University of Utah Ed Catmull developed a method of animation using computer generated movies, by using scripted language.
• 1993 – Apple computers were made and was a method for creating 3D animated films.
• 1995 – “Toy Story” the first 3D animated film.
Illusion of movement – Each static image is the character when moving at a fast rate creates the illusion of movement.
• Persistence of vision – an optical allusion were multiple images blend into one.
• Beta movement – Static images on a screen that creates smoothly flowing scenes.
• Frames per second – Is the frequency at which consecutive images called frames appear on a display. 25fps are used.
Suspension of disbelief
• The sacrifice of realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment.

Butch Hartman – Is an American animator, director, producer, voice actor and created The Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy and recently made Bunsen Is a Beast.

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Seth McFarlane – is an American actor, animator, writer, and producer that is well known for making Family Guy and American Dad. Seth McFarlane led the ground work adult animated comedies with clever humour and likable cast of characters.