1. Initial I normally search does this company have any value and passion and outlook of company secondly does the value and culture fit my personality before I ably I do my research
even my experience one thing I have learn is to never be afraid to discuss training opportunity during the interview because addition to their training the role of learning the transferrable skills will be essential to use my next job. Is there any room to grow or advancement within this company the best way is to either to ask question through your refence of ably position with them as entry level?
spending time with my co-worker to make sure that they are people that I would like to work with them and I understand once in while I may came across one or two co-worker that will make your work harder since I will be spending most of the time during work with them so having co-worker to get along with is a key part of being happy at my job. feeling appreciated by the upper level either supervisor’s or managers such as, offering positive feedback will motivate my effort to learn and improve my role and dedicated employee.
will working this company give my resume added credibility and will I have access to useful training and networking opportunities.