2014: Amendments: the change that stayed unchanged.
The controversies ended up in crippling the reputation of this tech giant and this realization prompted the CEO to take some action which went in vain. To amend the disastrous decision, Facebook took a road towards strictness by the adaptation of rules to limit an access to the user’s data along with taking third party into account. This action was taken to provide surity that a third-party would not be able to gain access and take into hands the user’s friends’ data without taking their permission. This change was supposed to end the problem of leaking the personal data but it was not implemented.
Moreover, the rule changes was not followed and neither did facebook impose. Kogan was not held accountable for the illegal acquisition of data for illegal activities and neither did he delete it.

December 11, 2015: Rumors of Ted Cruz exploiting the received data for his Presidential Election and the negligence of the authority to keep check and balance
Injustice in elections I terms of voting is not a freshly baked idea but rather it has been practiced throughout centuries. However, globalization and technology have made it easier. Facebook is said to play an indirect and probably an unintentional role in the voting process which held the position of main ground where it all happened. It is reported in the magazine ‘The Guardian” that Cambridge Analytica was extending its help to Ted Cruz in his presidential campaign in late 2015. The political firm used the platform of Facebook to first acquire the information and later use it to favor Ted Cruz. According to this report, Ted Cruz who was Republican candidate at the time collected the psychological data with the support of Cambridge Analytrica and the app ‘thisisyourdigitallife’. It was a research based data acquired from the tens of millions of Facebook users to take advantage and show a hard time to his political rivals including Donald Trump.
After getting involved in such controversy which the enriched platform like Facebook cannot afford be in, it responded to the story of these leaks. As per the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, he had got the knowledge of the data leaks and is intending to ban the app of Kogan so the further stealing of data can be stopped. According to Facebook, it decided to legally pressurize Cambridge Analytica and Kogan to getting their hands off the data they have acquired through deception and delete them from their record. Facebook, the hub of networking, ensure that both Kogan and British political firm has assured that the data has been deleted from their record and they no longer have any access to it.
2016 – Social Media Campaigning of Donald Trump and the assistance of Cambridge Analytica

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