4.2) Target Strategy
From the segments that were identified, it was decided that clients, both existing and potential, would be targeted and retained using most, if not all the online marketing tools that are above and beyond our competitors’.
In terms of intensifying E;M Properties Solutions’ brand, increasing traffic to its website, accelerating lead generation, with the resultant being a good Return On Investment, the following marketing channels will be employed:
? Social Media Marketing
? Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
? Paid Advertisements, referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC)
? Email Marketing
? Blogging and Content Marketing (Online Public Relations)
? Online Display advertising (Display Ads)
Beyond the tools used above, other ways employed would be as follows:
? Lead Generation Techniques
? Home/Landing Page Optimization
? Measurement – this is a way to provide complete website report in terms of website traffic, page views, and search ranking etc.
Last but not least, the following were considered;
? Mobile Marketing, creation of a mobile App
? Customer Service and Support
In brief, the following could be explained as follows;