6.14. Patient Compliant Management2,5
6.14.1. Healthcare professionals shall be open to suggestion/grievance/observation from patients and others about aspects of practice to improve the standards of their care.
6.14.2. Healthcare professionals shall ensure that patients/legal guardians are aware of the processes for making a complaint to the provider. Also, unresolved compliant or if they are not satisfied with the outcome, concerns can be escalated to Fitness to Practice Department /QCHP.
6.14.3. Healthcare Professionals shall ensure patients complaint are thoroughly and appropriately investigated in a timely manner and outcome is shared with patient / legal guardians.
6.14.4. Healthcare Professionals shall not allow a patient/legal guardians complaint to adversely affect the patient treatment plan.
6.14.5. To cooperate with any complaints policies, procedures and regulations that apply on their practice.