A Jew comes to the Vatican and asks to speak with the Pope

A Jew comes to the Vatican and asks to speak with the Pope.

Good morning, I need to speak with your Holiness the Pope, if you can kindly announce me?
The Cardinal on guard, tells him that the Pope is very busy and that please leave but the Jew insists.

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Do me the favor, tell the Pope that I need to talk to him.
But the Cardinal insisted on asking him to withdraw that the Pope was not going to speak with him.

At that moment the Pope appears and notices the discussion between the Jew and the Cardinal and with dissimulation asks his cleric what the problem is?

The Cardinal, who was already exhausted from discussing so much with that man, briefly explained the situation to the Pope.

Your Holiness, that is a Jew who always comes to ask to speak with you and we have never let him pass, his ancestors have always come to the Holy See seeking to speak with the Pope but they have always been denied so that they do not bother his Holiness.

The Pope agrees to speak with the man and tells the Cardinal to let him in and asks him in a friendly tone.

My son, what do you want, because your family has always wanted to talk to Pope?
And the Jew explains to him.

Your Holiness, do you remember the last supper of Jesus that happened almost 2000 years ago?

Yes, my son, of course, but what is the problem?

Ok Pope, here’s the account, so I can pay it please!