A person’s situation can be significantly affected

A person’s situation can be significantly affected, if they choose to live alone or with housemates. Importantly this is one of the most precious decisions in life. There are many factors that can affect ones decision; expenditure, socializing and independence are three main variations. People normally pay more money living alone as against living with housemates, the higher the salary the better the living conditions. For some persons living with housemates is a preference because of the opportunities to socialize. People living alone tend to isolate themselves because they value personal space; this negative stance may lead to bad health. According to the New York Times Magazine (2016) physician Dhruv Khullar stated that “Individuals with less social connection have disrupted sleep patterns, altered immune systems, more inflammation and higher level of stress hormones”. Persons plan their daily routines independently and are at ease while getting more stuff done when they live alone, distractions are easily avoided. In conclusion, the decision of expenditure, socializing and independence in living alone and living with housemates are three main differences evaluated.