According to Daniel

According to Daniel (Daniel Puciato, 2018), revealed a positive correlations between personal satisfaction of life and physical movement levels in working-age individuals. In their study said that the most astounding generally speaking personal satisfaction, had seen wellbeing condition, and personal satisfaction in its specific areas which is physical, mental, social, and natural were noted in those working-age people from Wroclaw whose dimension of physical action was high. They assess an individual’s general personal satisfaction as the normal and not as low and high, based on the highest average value in the respondents were having the most physical activity level higher. They used diagnostic questionnaire survey where they evaluated their respondents’ routine physical action with the International Physical Activity Questionnaire Short Version (IPAQ-SF). Following the IPAQ scoring rules the respondents were delegated connected into extreme physical action, moderate physical movement, and low physical action. For the respondents’ personal satisfaction of life, they used World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL-BREF) survey. The dependability and exactness of WHOQOL-BREF tool was confirmed by different authors whose Craig (2003) and Skevington (2004) which their personal satisfaction of life was expressed on nominal scale. By using this method, the decision shows clearly that the perceived personal satisfaction of life was significantly associated by the higher levels of physical activity in respondents for both sexes. A significant higher perceived overall personal satisfaction of life among individual with an abnormal state of physical action than among prepairing control was also observed by Ramirez Campillo (2016). The results from this study suggest that both volume and intensity can be combined if high speed resistance training sessions (HRST) is done in two or three times a week. It is sufficient and gave a similar impact to improve physical performance and personal satisfaction of life of older woman. They led the examination as a single-blind and randomized controlled preliminary in the Human Performance Laboratory of the University of Los Lagos.

Besides, Sercan Kurklu (2015) also had found that personal satisfaction of life influenced positively in health care workers with high physical action. The mean age of the members was 36.09±.89 years. Add up to Physical Health Score and Mental Health Score which is SF-36 subscales were observed to be statistically higher in the group with high physical action (p

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