According to Rizal

According to Rizal, “youth is the hope of the Fatherland” and what he means is that the nation’s progress and development is on the hands of every youth, their works are of high importance, mainly their involvement in the so called “education”. Youths, such as students, do have different happenings in life it could be bad or good. But, what if these students’ negative experiences overrule their lives and their studies? study
Students who are in high school and tertiary level, were the ones who have been experiencing this kind of instance in their lives and a number of studies have indicated a high prevalence of mental health problems among students, which includes depression. “Depression prevents students to master important developmental task”, mainly their studies. Moreover,” depression has a significant impact on academic performance, academic satisfaction and academic achievement” quoted by Arslan,, (2009). Because of that if students were depressed, and one issue behind depression was low academic performance, then students will no longer make positive changes and development A study by Wechsler, Lee, Kuo and Lee (2000) reported that students with symptoms of depression achieve lower grades and are less active in the classroom relative to students who do not have these symptoms.

Depression among students can be seen through various identifiable symptoms and one of its symptoms was that students easily became so irritated. Wherein, they easily change their mood, from being happy then suddenly feel a deep sadness because of the things they do which they think isn’t good at all. As stated “Some feel sad or low, some feel irritable, while others feel nothing at all.” Secondly, they think that their life is worthless, they have existed in this world because of nothing, there is an unacceptance to what they’re doing and they no longer accept appreciation from others. Based on an article, “The self-attitude changes in depression manifests as a loss of confidence and a loss of self-esteem. These changes may lead them feeling that they are worthless.” Thirdly, they became loners, they are socially isolated, they stopped communicating to others and engaging to different social and physical activities. According to a study, “Social impairment could include withdrawing from friends and family or a shift in one’s social network.” We all know that these symptoms are clearly seen and needs immediate solutions to address this problem. But what could be the reason why students have depression? Well, let me explain.
We, students have our different issues in life and most of it really affects they way we think, act and do, that resulted to be depressed. And one of the reasons was that some students had experienced tragic events, it could be the death of their loved ones or an accident, this triggers them to be depressed because they don’t easily forget it and moved on from it, wherein it haunts them for the rest of their lives. “These tragic events trigger depression due to the students severe mourning” based on a study. Secondly, they belittle themselves. Why? It’s because they can’t do what others can do, for example, if your classmate always got the highest score in every exam and she can do things well you get jealous, and have the mindset that “I am only like this, not witty, and not good in anything.” Which in fact is not true, because everyone has something that he or she can excel, all you have to do is to discover it. Lastly. Depression mostly happens because of family breakdown. During my High school years, I also experienced mild depression, because my parents separated, it was the saddest moment of my life, and because of that it affects my studies. We all wanted to have a complete family, but sometimes your expectation, if not achieved it affects you. Most, students were depressed because of the conflict in their families. Such as parent’s separation, or even if they were complete but their parents were unable to give them the attention and guidance that they need, instead they were always scolded. Paul Amato proved that “children from divorced families had low outcomes including their educational achievement.” These three most reasons totally affect the student performance in school, instead of being motivated they ended up having poor academic performances.

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Upon the problems encountered by most students, questions such as how can we end student’s depression and what could be the possible solution needed in order to bring back the students’ enjoyment and concentration in their studies arises. One solution that must be done is the parents must provide their children the attention and guidance that they really need especially in trial times. Parents must talk to their depressed child and made them feel that they have someone to lean on and to share with. Secondly, as teachers were the second parents of the students, they must also talk confidentially to their students who are depressed and help them realize that their life is worth living for and that they have their purpose in this world, and that if they will continually be depressed their studies will continuously be affected. Lastly, if students were experiencing severe depression, then they have to consult to a psychologist and take medications if needed to ease the pain. So, it’s really a must to give time upon addressing this problem because this is a no joke one. According to studies,” Through the evaluation and treatment process, parents, teachers, and counselors are essential. Counselors and teachers may need to help students in school—adjusting schedules or providing additional support. Families can help adolescents learn about their illness, follow treatment plans, and maintain a schedule that supports recovery. Most importantly, they provide support and encouragement through what can be a challenging time. Having a network of people who are knowledgeable about the illness and willing to help and to lend support can make an enormous difference when getting well.”

To end this, youths, pertaining mainly to students who are experiencing depression, will not gain high academic performance nor will do good works, not only for themselves, but for the progress of the society.

To return on what Dr. Jose Rizal said “The educated youth is the hope of the fatherland.” With education, you can equip yourself with solid knowledge that will elevate you to accomplish your noble purpose.” Therefore, it is important that youths especially students, has to be well-educated, meaning their studies has to be of good report, if not they won’t make developments, they have to be educated physically, mentally, socially so that depression stops, in order for them to know that they have worth and they have the purpose that has to be achieved.