According to the story To Build A Fire by Jack London

According to the story To Build A Fire by Jack London, instinct is more valuable than knowledge. The male adult in the story is trekking through the Yukon at temperatures below zero. The man makes several big mistakes in the story and they are the fact that he relying on flawed intellect, he made a fire under a snow filled tree, and he never learned from his mistakes. This man represents knowledge. Knowledge is a tool, it can be useful to you if you know how to use it. In this case the man did not and that is why “the man drowsed off into what seemed to him the most comfortable and satisfying sleep he had ever known” (London 9). He tried to turn his focus from his goal of getting across the Yukon to that of fighting the cold that would soon overtake his body. However, there is one thing that survives, and that is his dog. The dog represents instinct because while “it did not know anything about thermometers. Possibly in his brain there was no sharp consciousness of a condition of very cold such as in the man’s brain. But the brute had its instincts” (London 2). In the end the dog survived due to the fact that he keeps chipping ice of his paws, he buries himself under snow to keep warm, and that he knows that he needs food and a fire. According to the story instinct is better than knowledge and I agree with that statement. Instinct is better because you can keep yourself if you listen to your instinct but if you know how to stay alive, but don’t have the instinct to tell you are dying, you will die. Jack London proves his point especially because the dog, who represented instinct survived, while the man who represented knowledge died.