Alcoholism is an individual affliction or a social problem “Herb is the healing of the nation

Alcoholism is an individual affliction or a social problem
“Herb is the healing of the nation, alcohol is the destruction.” Lines well said by Bob Marley depicts the social harm that alcoholism has been doing to the mankind for quite a long time now. Noted sociologist C. Wright Mills through his theory of sociological imagination has tried to explain what effects alcoholism has on an individual’s mental and social state and at the broader perspective its’s effect on society.

CITATION Ekt17 l 16393 (Lahiri, 2017)Charles Wright Mills stated Sociological Imagination is the vivid awareness of relationship between private experience and wider society, he further said the sociological imagination further helps us to grasp the connection between history and biography. This multidimensional attribute of sociology can be explained as stated in given journal social reality is simultaneously microscopic, based around individual’s private world’s and macroscopic, where the social structure effects the people’s personal mileux. Secondly he stated social reality to be concurrent to history and contemporary as in the present circumstances, events, processes and issues have a history that may effect on their current form and future development. And thirdly reality is political as society is deeply impacted by the operation of power in the nation state and beyond. CITATION Joh04 l 16393 (Brewer, 2004)
Now coming on our topic of discussion, Alcoholism. We all have heared, read or seen the various depictions portraying alcoholism as a social harm but why is it so? To facilitate the better understanding of this question we need to have a look on the reports from WHO, data show that 96.1%patients of liver cirrhosis constituting of 62.9% males and 32.2% females died due to excessive consumption of alcohol. 35.3% road accidents were caused when the victim/culprit was under the influence of alcohol. The social conditions involved is obviously the peer pressure, no one starts drinking alone it’s either due to movies or advertisement that glorify alcoholism or in majority of cases under the influence of friend circle.

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