Allen Gevorkyan Period 5 10/06/18 The Tragedy of the Tragic Hero In the novel Things Fall Apart the author

Allen Gevorkyan
Period 5
The Tragedy of the Tragic Hero
In the novel Things Fall Apart the author, Chinua Achebe presents the main character of the story, Okonkwo. Okonkwo is a cherished member of the Umuofia clan. When he was eighteen he defeated Amalinze the Cat, which brought honor to his village. Amalinze was a simmingly unstoppable wrestler who was unbeaten for seven years and known across from Umuofia to Mbaino. Okonkwo was widely respected throughout the nine villages; however, he faced the burden of having a failure as a father which would later transform Okonkwo into the tragic hero.

Okonkwo was well known although, although he is undoubtedly the tragic hero of this story.

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The tragic hero played a significant role throughout the story. Okonkwo in many cases, truly symbolizes a tragic hero. He wasn’t the ideal husband or father. In most stories, the tragic hero realizes his or her mistakes in the end of the story. The tragic hero as a protagonist of a story isn’t faultless. Okonkwo committed several crimes of his own. Overall, Okonkwo himself wasn’t exemplary and had various flaws.

Okonkwo makes horrendous decisions throughout the story. For example, the event of Ikenfuma’s slaughter. Okonkwo murdered him with a machete. His event left a mental impact on Okonkwo. In addition, Okonkwo also murders a messenger during the village conference. This action was triggered by his own pride. This also mentally impaired his brain even more. Overall, Okonkwo is responsible for numerous sins that were committed in the village.

These sins would haunt Okonkwo until in the end of the novel when he ultimately committed suicide. His fear of failure and anger lead him to that devastating action that cannot be restructured or reversed. Despite having highly praised characteristics about himself, he fails to fix his flaws and sins. These flaws eventually force Okonkwo to succumb to the tragedy of the tragic hero.