Amaya has its resorts and spas reflecting he unique culture in Sri Lanka

Amaya has its resorts and spas reflecting he unique culture in Sri Lanka. Amaya Lake in Dambulla continues to provide a village experience for the guests. Amaya Hills symbolizes the spirit of the ancient Kandy city. Amaya Langdale provides the magnificent experience of the Great Western mountain range.
Sustainable competitive advantages are organization resources, properties, or capacities that are hard to copy or surpass; and give a better or ideal long haul position over contenders
Amaya hotels too have their sustainable competitive advantages, they have their unique hotel locations,
Hospitality trade has seen a considerable growth in the size and market power of the larger groups and small groups, with greater size it may attract reasonable number of guest who are utilizing range of value additions, which are now important characteristics of the segment. Yet some guest prefers small or mid size hotels with more privacy, affordable and more religious, as it was mentioned above, the power of choosing the place where a guest might want to go depends on competition among the industry. at Amaya Lake both customers will find there choices, since they have different room categories at different locations. Operating in a established market makes growth tough, this happens by the competition. This highly competitive market has speed up level of growth, ensuing in a circumstances in which hospitality sector may have to be innovative to maintain and build market share. Such innovation can be seen in the development of a variety of operating systems, in reaction to alter in consumer behavior. Market leaders have reacted by focusing on service, price and value additions. Amaya Lake is one of the chain hotels having its own customers in the market with other competitors like Sorrowwa Resorts & Spa, Gimanhala Hotel, Chaya Village, Heritance Kandalama Hotel, Thilanka Hotel by providing better service and value additions to its customers.