ANA describes nursing as a profession that protects patients

ANA describes nursing as a profession that protects patients, for us that means, the 5 r’s, clean hands, knowing the diagnosis, how medications may be affected. Nursing is also responsible for preventing further or new illness. To me this is our basic care. Keeping patients clean, preventing bedsores, making sure they are hydrated. ANA also describes nursing as ones who advocate for the ones in their care. (ANA)

The Metaparadigm of Nursing applies to the support of the nursing profession with the importance focused on,” Person, health, environment and nursing”. (Nursing Pyramid Theories) ANA is more specific but both have the same goals.

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I think that they both ask for nursing to be educated, sincere, remember the importance of good basic care. Everything else will come as we continue to be educated, and willing to learn. Am I the only one who thinks this way?