Application of Next generation sequence [NGS] In VIROLOGY/ VIROLOGY is the study of viruses and viruses like agents

Application of Next generation sequence NGS In VIROLOGY/

VIROLOGY is the study of viruses and viruses like agents ;including their Taxonomy, diseases, producing, sometimes they are consider a part of microbiology pathology
Virology is a science that studies
1 Viruses and their properties,
2 Epidermis and pandemics caused by viruses,
3 Diseases caused by Viruses,
4 Ability and forms of viral replication how they multiply with in an organism
5 Forms of immunization against the viruses
6Methods and diagnostic system related viruses in organisms
Novel DNA sequence techniques reffered as
Provides high speed, that can produce an enormous volume of sequencs with many possible applications in many fields bt specially diagnostic setting and research.
‘ the so called ‘next generation sequence technologies allows us in a short time and in a parallel;to

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, sequence massive amount of DNA overcoming .Recent advancement in DNA sequencing technologies now allow genetic information to be generated with a scale and economy; which is un precedented . Next generation sequencing NGS is a new wo nderful new techonolgythat can be used for broad detection of infectious pathogens and is rapidly becoming an essential plateform in chemical laborites,
This explores the feasibility and potential for the APPLICATIOS in NGS in clinical and public health labs;
IN terms of pathogenic viruse detection and diagnostics.the methods to know about pathogenic viruses in clinical samples or specimens have transtioed from classical cell culture and antibodies.

In VIROLOGY the massively parallel sequencing technology known as next generation sequencingNGS has revolutionized the biological sciences.with its ultra high throughput scalability,andspeed,NGS enables researchers to perform a wide variety of applications and study biological systems at a level never before virology todays complex genomic research questions demand a depth of information beyond the capacity of tradional DNA sequencing technologies
NEXTgeneratin sequencing has filled that gap and become an every day research tool to address these questions in microbes and microbiology
NGS technology allows VIROLOGISTS and RESEARCHERS to;;
Rapidly sequence whole genomes
Zoom in to deeply sequence target regions
Utilize RNA sequencing to disscover novel RNA varients and splice sites,or quantify mRNAs for gene expression analysis
Analyze epigenetic factor such as genome-wide DNAmetylation DNA-protein interactions
SEQUENCE cancer samples to study rare somatic varients.,tumor subclonse ,and more
Study MICROBIAL DIVERITY in humans or in the environment

Improved methods for analysis will become avail able,opening further applications in VIROLOGY including routine diagnostic work on individuals, and new under standing of interaction between VIRAL and exciting era of viral
Exploration has begun. and will set us new challenges to under stand the role of newly discovered VIRAL diversity in both disease and health
The VIROLOGIGSTS only need to look at the size and growth of international nucleotides databases to realize the importance of SEQUENING to science general ,and in VIROLOGY particular .there were some970 million and 43 million bases of viral and phage origion respectively ;representing an annual growth of 20 percent a growth are comfortably above average for the data base as a whole the sequencing effort is being driven almost entirely by human clinical significance,with17 of the top20 sequenced viruses causing disease in humans
In its entirely,this sequencing effort represents a SIGNIFICANT achievement;; the information generated has wide-ranging impact on all all areas of VIROLOGY; FROM DIAGNOSIS TO PATHOGENSIS; and from vaccine design to
VIRAL EVOLUTION ,and ecology
NGS technologies will lead to the identification of an expanding class of viruses in search of a disease called orphan ‘viruses and commensals represents an area of research for obvious reasons much of virology has historically been driven by those viruse responsible for disease ,


May now allow us to open a window on the ROLE of VIRUSES in our health
Also moving away from PATHOGENS discovery in clinical samples,

Is being used increasingly to expl0re the viral, diversity in a wide range of environmental samples
Shedding new LIGHT on what might be considered normal. Sonext generation sequencing has the very wide capacity to provide crucial clinical sequencing benefits in PATIENT CARE, patient out comes and public health.