As a manager I hold regular staff meetings

As a manager I hold regular staff meetings, I feel this is a good time to hand over to all staff relevant information about changes in any policies and procedures, introducing new staff members to the staff, I feel this is a good technique to use to help the staff communicate with each other in a comfortable environment. At the staff meetings I make sure that all staff are working to the same goals, to help each other work to the same high standards that the company aims for. At the meeting staff can discuss any concerns they may have with clients, this is a good way to share opinions and ideas on how we can improve the standard of care the clients are receiving. Staff meetings are a good place to remind staff of the safeguarding procedure and how it is important to look out for any signs of safeguarding, how to report a safeguarding issue and who they can talk to. We also make sure that the staff are aware of the standards that CQC have set and are compliant with these standards. CQC set standards to make sure that all vulnerable adults are kept safe we make sure that the staff know and follow the 5 KLOES. Safe, caring, responsive, effective and well led.