As a student of theology

As a student of theology, since the very beginning of my theological course, I was bothered about how I would transmit the Christian faith to the generation of mine and to the generation-after, as a priest later in my pastoral ministry. In fact, I and my generation live in the context of globalisation which has equipped its people with information technology, has shrunk the vast globe into a global village with no-boundary status, and has thrown open all the possibilities to realise what was not imagined before in terms of international networking and communication. The impacts created by globalisation are exclusive development, corruptive system, rationalising everything including God, desire to develop international network but forget the people around, seeking personal comfort and escaping from facing the reality and its pain. These impacts not only dissipate into the personal life but also into the Christian life. Influenced by these impacts the faithful Christians fall in discouragement and lose inner sight and hope to march ahead in Christian faith. Jesus articulates the loss of inner sight as “if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a bit. (Mt 14:15)”