As countries develop

As countries develop, more and more people buy and use their own cars. Do the advantages for individuals outweigh the disadvantages for the environment? In recent years, owning private cars have become an inevitable part of life. While many argue that possessing own car is beneficial in terms of convenience and time saving transportation, yet there prevails another argument that it results in severe pollution and threat to the environment. In my point of view, the disadvantages outweigh their benefits.

On the advantageous front, firstly owning cars provide comfortability and privacy to individuals. Secondly, although public transport is economical and affordable by all, it limits the journey to common boarding and dropping points. Irrespective of the length and route of the journey, individuals reach the destination on their own. Travelling to work by own cars is a salient example. Individuals need to walk a long way if the office is far away from the bus stop or station.

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On the adverse front, excessive use of cars invokes air pollution that leads to a drastic increase of respiratory ailments like asthma among the people. Firstly, no matter how sophisticated the private cars are, depletion of the fossil fuels and the gridlock on roads are undeniable. Secondly, nowadays people get struck on roads in traffic jam while commuting to office which creates a mental stress to them. Thirdly, increase in private cars exploits natural resources a lot so future generation would face resource scarcity.

In a nutshell, my well-founded argument is that although buying and using private cars are more comfortable and convenient for individuals, the adverse impact to the society and environment would be severe. Using many cars induces air pollution, respiratory diseases and depletion of fuel energy. Therefore, the disadvantages to environment certainly far outweigh the advantages of using private cars.