As time passes by

As time passes by, the number of apps available on app store goes on increasing day by day.
Moreover, the number of people who are getting addicted to mobile gaming continues to grow, thus, it’s getting so difficult for some of the top game developers to build a new mobile game that can achieve one of the top positions on the charts, because an another blockbuster genre in mobile gaming hit the app store last year, which is called hyper-casual games.

Hyper-casual games are simple yet very enjoyable games that are played by millions of people around the world on a daily basis. These types of games are the minimalist in design which is the main reason for their success. The publishers of hyper-casual games like Voodoo and Ketchup always keep the design very simple, they mostly use bright colours with simple geometric shapes and that’s why the users of these types of games understand the game in under 10 seconds and master them in under half an hour.

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Hyper-casual games have always been around, and they are in some ways a revival of 70s games, but they are only recently, grabbing 10 out of the 15 spot in the top free download charts of the app store, vs a year ago when they only held 3 spots on the top charts. As Johannes Heizne, the AppLovin’s Managing Director for EMA said, “These games, which I think of as “hyper-casual,” have always been around, and to some extent they are a nostalgic revival of the good old arcade games that were everywhere during the ’70s and ’80s. But only recently have these games turned into serious business.”

Hyper-casual games are highly addictive because of their simple mechanics which makes them instantly playable. As Josh Burns said, “Their simple game mechanics makes them instantly playable and infinitely replayable.” Hyper-casual games take less than a few seconds from tapping the logo to playing the game. You just have to download the game, open it and start playing immediately. When you open the game you are already in the middle of the game there is no loading no levels and no resume, you can play as much as you want and the sessions tend to be very small.

Hyper-casual games can be easily developed in just two weeks, you just have to come up with a new idea and that’s it. There are a lot of toolboxes available on the internet to help you create your own game without coding like buildbox. One of the first hyper-casual game developer who is called Trey Smith created one of the very first hyper-casual games on the app store and it has more than 6,000,000 downloads, he wrote a book and it was mentioned there that he made the game by himself in only two weeks and he couldn’t even code, he just used a drag and drop software.

Most of the hyper-casual games available on the app store can be downloaded for free. That’s what keeps a question in our minds, how can hyper-casual game developers earn thousands and thousands of dollars monthly if their games can be downloaded without paying even a dollar?. Well, most of the hyper-casual game developers get 70% of their earnings through ads, and that’s also their primary form of monetisation, so it’s very important for the developers to consider factors like and the length of the session and the numbers of sessions per day or week when designing their ad implementation.

People always get bored of the game if they play it daily for about a month or so, but hyper-casual gamers can never get bored of it. They play their favorite simple game almost everywhere, they play them when they are forced to wait for public transportation, doctor appointments, etc. “I play hyper-casual games almost 50 times a day and without even getting bored of them, I have discovered them more than two months ago and I have played them more than 3500 times since then, I play them when I’m on my way, waiting for someone or even waiting for the web page to load,” says Sana Alblooshi, one of the hyper-casual game addict.