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athaniel Mihnovich
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1 November 2018
The Kid, Singin’ in the Rain, Stagecoach and The Searchers Exam
A stage couch travelling to the town of Lordsburg carries a different mixture of passengers. The climax of this film comes in the moment when the coach is attacked by Apache Indians. In the moment of the attack, a character, Hartfield is killed and peacock is injured. Finally, the cavalry shows up to fend off the Indians and save the passengers on board the stagecoach. On the other hand, in Lordsburg, the character Ringo outduels the Plummer gang responsible for his family’s death and later on rides off with the character Dallas, a prostitute who he fell in love with, into the western landscape. The attack by the Indians is the climax of the film since it brings the action of the film making the film alive and it is fine tuned by the arrival of the cavalry.
The film Singin’ in The Rain is a Hollywood classic. In the film, one is fixed up in the love story. The plot of the film follows a narrative that begins with some conflict that create causalities that lead to the climax of the film. In the story, the main character, Don Lockwood falls in love with Kathy. A conflict arises since Lina (the villain in this film) is also in love with Don Lockwood. The climax arises when Lina finds out that Cathy is the voiceover. She perpetuates that she is the main singer but is later embarrassed when people know that Cathy had been singing all along.
The elements shown through “the language of the film” cover several areas. The film shows us that the protagonist is Ethan Edwards while the antagonist is Scar. The major conflict is also depicted when the character Scar and members of his tribe murder Ethan’s family, his brother’s family and kidnapped the two daughters. They raise Debbie and murder the oldest daughter. The climax is seen when Scar is killed, and Ethan and Martin bring home Debbie. The language of the film also underplays the fact that Ethan is a confederate soldier. Also, an allusion that martin belonging to Edwards family is an allusion of race. The paradox of this film is that Ethan has a warrant of arrest but still goes to the expedition.
The Kid is a silent movie written and produced by Charlie Chaplin. Most Language elements in this film are non-verbal ques with a background of soundtrack. The non-verbal clues utilized in the film include several facial expressions that tried show the emotions in the film as they changed from one scene to another. Also, the actions portrayed by the characters, either in their action to complete a certain task or escape i.e. from policemen, shows the body language of the characters in the film. In the end, the language elements are thus limited to non-verbal ques which include facial expression and body language.
Don Lockwood can be considered a Hero in terms of a person who does noble or brave deeds. This is true in context where by Don Lockwood tries to help Kathy. He protects Kathy from the cunning hateful Lina. This is proven when fans in ask Lina to sing to them due to the success of the musical the dancing cavalier. Since Lina cannot sing, her transition from the silent films to the talkie film is hard, they advise her to lip sing while Kathy sings behind the curtain. During the performance, Don Lockwood with Cosmo lifts the curtain and exposes the Kathy behind the curtain thus embarrassing the villain, Lina.

The Tramp, in the film The Kid, can be considered a hero. In the definition from the oxford dictionary, a man who exhibits extraordinary braveness, firmness, fortitude, or greatness of the soul in any course of action, or in connection with any pursuit work or enterprise. The tramp exhibits heroism when he adopts the neglected baby and fends for him until he is five years old. He exhibits greatness of soul by loving the Kid even though he is not the biological further. This is shown when he fights to get the Kid back after authorities take him. This shows ultimate heroism.
The film, Singin’ in the Rain, has no Narrator but we follow the perspective of Don Lockwood throughout the film. Effect of this style on the views is unique. The perspective of Don Lockwood makes the viewers judgement towards a certain character be only of his viewpoint. Most viewers decide that the villain of the film is Lina since the main characters, Don Lockwood shares the same opinion. Since most films gives a protagonist and antagonist to garner interest in the movie, Don Lockwood approach to Kathy as a protagonist enables the viewers relate to Kathy as the good person.
The narrative in the film, The Searcher, Primarily, it takes us through the perspectives of the actions and knowledge of men. The movie highlight men as the action figures through its plot. This film thus focuses the viewers on relating with the characters with relation to the behavior of men. The main character, Ethan begin the movie as the leaders of the searchers. His perspective in the movie is vital since it provides us, the viewers with an understanding of the entire film plot through his knowledge to survive on the frontier. He is shown as leading individuals in search for revenge on what happened to his family.
The film stagecoach, can be justified as a film that provides lesson at the end of its plot. It also provides an argument that the film is not only used for delight alone. The moral end of the story is that it is a redemption story. Anyone can overcome one’s horrendous past This is observed in the film whereby most characters had a questionable past but, in the end, turn a new leaf and do good or are perceived to be good. One such character is Dallas, a prostitute who turns out to be a woman of good character, falls in love and rides off to the horizon with hos love, Ringo
The film, The Kid is justified to provide not only a moral story but also to delight its audience through humor. The tramp is show as a caring and loving individual to a child whom they are not biologically related. Also, the action of the mother abandoning her child brings an element of regret. The movie captures this moments to try to teach its audience on different values of humanity. It shows compassion, love, regret and forgiveness in its entire plot. Although, there are honest values in this movie, it also shows us the survival skills that the Tramp shows the kid even though they are not morally right.

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