Attitudes are based on a number of characteristics

Attitudes are based on a number of characteristics. Elaborate on how public relations can take advantage of one of these characteristics to shape public opinion. Describe and explain at least one example of how this characteristic was a focus of the selected public relations campaign.
There are various factors that affect the attitude of the public. One factor that Coca-Cola decided to use to shape the public opinion was new product recognition. To be able to advertise their new product, the company had to partner with Shazam to make the Coca-Cola zero known. The advertisements were transformed to give people free drinks for it to be recognized in the market. The public opinion was shaped in such a way that the new product became accepted in the market. Giving away free drinks made the new product to be known and thus the attitude of the market towards Coke with zero sugar was changed immediately. Many people did not mind drinking it provided it came for free. The public relations campaign was highly effective as it made the new product from Coca-Cola widely known at the end of it all.

One goal of public relations is to manage public opinion on a particular topic. For the public relations campaign, you selected, analyze the methods used to shape public opinion. Justify why you think these methods were either successful or unsuccessful.

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In the recent 75TH Golden Globes Awards, many celebrities and actors dressed in all black to protest on the recent rise in work-related sexual assaults. In addition to this, there were also embedded quotes on their accessories and handbags. This public relations campaign was aimed at shaping the public opinion on keeping quiet about workplace sexual assaults. Some of the celebrities were also accompanied by known activists that were against the vice. The campaign was mainly aimed at shaping the public opinion by the use of brand ambassadors. The celebrities made many of their fans and followers to learn about sexual assault and how it was manifested over the recent times at the workplace. In the end, almost everyone that was tuned in to watch the awards this year got to know about the campaign and took a stand on the issue thus achieving the main aim of the public relation campaign.