Behaviorist define the learning process in terms of conditioning

Behaviorist define the learning process in terms of conditioning ( classical or operant) , the cognitive and the social-learning approach.Learning covers all virtually behaviour and is concerned with the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes, values and emotional response.The knowledge of the different theories can help improve training the workplace. The stronger the motivation is the more effective learning will be. Learning theories will help determine which form of motivation is best for any situation or individual. Rewards seem to be more effective than punishment , the combination of the two produces better results than either on its own. Additionally , the feedback(results of learning is important.Feedback involves providing trainees with information about their responses where as reinforcement affects the tendency to make a specific response again.positive feedback increases the responses , negative feedback decreases the responses behavioural approach to learning focus on the role of reinforcement in motivating the individual to behave in certain ways. (Berg,Z. and Geldenhuys,D.2016:95-106) and (Ahmad,A. ,Jehanzeb,K. & Alkelab,S.A.H. 2012)