«Blood Diamond» Film Review The movie starts in Sierra Leone

«Blood Diamond» Film Review
The movie starts in Sierra Leone, with Soloman Vandy played by Djimon Hounson being captured by the RUF-rebels when they invade the Sierra Leonian village. He is separated from his family and his son, Dia, is brainwashed into a killer.
The movie is mostly about two African men, Danny Archer, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and Solomon Vandy. Both of them have two completely different histories, but their fates become joined in a quest to find a pink diamon, that was hidden by solomon.
Blood diamond is in my eyes, a masterpiece. They use many strong amplifications, such as violence, romance, fear, and more. Edward Zwick, the producer, has made a huge impression on all the viewers. Personally i could have a little more action, to keep it more appealing in more parts of the movie. But even the idea of being forced through these awful events, would enough to drive you crazy. The way this violent movie shows many terrible people abuse children and their families, is actually mild compared to what was reality from 1990s to around 2000.
Two things that i really do like with Blood diamond.
The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio got one of the main roles, as Danny the smuggler. In the start, he would seem like he is both a bad, and a good guy. Some scenes would show the bad guy in him, while others would make him seem like a really good guy, which he turned out to be in the end. None other that DiCaprio could’ve done such a fantastic job. The second thing that i really like, is the ending. How Danny sacrificed himself for Solomon and Dia, turning my expectations upside down. I am actually surprised, and i would never see it coming.
There is quite alot of violence in the movie, which is realistic. And the most terrible things displayed, are the things that actually happened in reality. This movie has made me wonder if there will ever be world peace.
There is one thing that i don’t really like about Blood Diamond, which is the reporter. I felt like she was just there. I get that she wanted to write a story about blood diamonds in Sierra Leone, but she wasn’t truly a part of the action. They could’ve made her more involved with the diamond quest.
In the end i loved this movie, and as i mentioned, it features realistic impressions for example violence and romance. Two very powerful tools in making a movie. But there could be even more violence and action, to make a slightly bigger impact on the viewers. Even though the movie got a bit boring in the middle, but luckily some scenes and events, made me forget all about that. I would watch this movie again, and again.
I gladly rate this movie with a 6 out of 6. It’s a movie i will never forget.