Brittany Pauley AC17042040 C05V

Brittany Pauley
C05V: Business Communication
Assignment 4

Part A

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Effective Communication:

I decided it was time to sell my four wheeler because it did nothing, but sit in the garage. I posted it online on a website called Let Go. I got a head of myself with selling it that I still had not replaced what needed to be replaced, but I didn’t think it would sell the fist day I posted it! The buyer messaged me asking if he could come look at it today, I was a bit hesitate to reply back because I knew I needed more time to have it ready. I decided to be honest about what was going on and I would need a few days to have it ready. He then offered me an extra $500.00 dollars if I could have it ready for him today. I told him it would certainly be ready. The customer was pleased with my dedication to get what needed to be done and was satisfied with my honesty, I believe that led the buyer to continue the sell because of those two factors. Indeed, I should have had it ready before I posted it online, but I was able to gain an awesome review with selling my first item online.

Ineffective communication:

I was on the basketball team and we were holding a fundraiser for the team. I was selling barbecue tickets, of the teams choice we decided it would be the easiest way to raise money. I started with selling to my family members and worked my way towards friends and local strangers in town. The barbecue was held on a Thursday and the date was printed on the ticket. Everyone I sold to had social media at the time so if I happened to fail to communicate something the page for the fundraiser would fill in the blanks for me. I learned this is no way to sell anything. Unfortunately, I sold one ticket to an older couple, it was my grandparents neighbor. When I sold the tickets to them I left out where it would take place at, how embarrassing and unprofessional. Everyone else I sold to had the information via Facebook, but the older couple didn’t do the social media like I thought. Thankfully, they were able to contact me through my grandparents. I was able to give them the directions. I failed to communicate and assumed and because of this they almost missed the event. I learned quickly as a seller that not everyone is involved in the same things like social media and communication is key.

Part B

If I had an interview for an opportunity for an internship I would use these three important factors. One important factor would be to of course to be on time. Being on time is one of the most important thing factors for making a first good impression. I prefer to even show up 5-10 minutes earlier to show I am well prepared. I think showing up late for an interview would definitely be a red flag to the hiring manager. If you can’t show up on time for the interview itself, I doubt there will be more tardiness in the future of the upcoming job. Second, I think another important factor to be professional is to be groomed and make sure you’re wearing the appropriate attire. The choice of clothing you wear can be a problem if its not appropriate. For example, If a woman wore a low cut top that showed a bit too much cleavage could give the hiring manager a bad idea about you and besides sexual harassment is a big issue in today’s society, with jobs, schools and such. Third, maintaining a positive attitude is a good thing to let be known during the interview. It can let the hiring manager you are optimistic. Being positive is very important for many reasons because a job is never easy, things go wrong and having a positive person dealing with whatever is wrong can make much more of a difference.

The implications of selecting the appropriate channel and medium is to first decide on the message you are trying to give. to who are you trying to give the message to? Choosing the right communication channel is all depending on your medium. Is the message to inform, persuade? If you are trying to persuade someone face to face communication is probably the most affective for of communication. Having that in-person communication you are able to show your emotions, body language and facial expressions. In my opinion, meeting in face to face to sell something shows that person how serious they are about selling the product. It always depends on what you are trying to sell of course, but persuasively speaking it is always best to allow the customer to see you in person. Email, is another good source if it’s more convenient. However, with today’s technology we are always able to video chat and that would be a helpful source if some how that person wasn’t able to meet in person. Although, email is a very overused form of communication and if you aren’t too careful it can certainly cause a communication problem. You aren’t able to read peoples emotions and their tone like you can in person. Like you are able to do face to face, you aren’t able to knock a conversation out in one. Through email conversations, the buyer and seller would constantly be going back and forth. I think it’s just whatever is most convenient for both the buyer and seller in this situation. However, face to face is the most easiest way to avoid communicating ineffectively and you are much quicker to sell whatever product you are trying to sell.

Provide one original example of each of the following physiological barrier, language barrier, and psychological barrier.

Physiological Barrier – Landon wasn’t able to concentrate during the early morning meeting held earlier because he didn’t get enough sleep the night before and he had trouble staying focused.
Language Barrier – Tom received an email from his co worker about rescheduling the meeting and that he would “TTYL” meaning talk to you later, but Tom wasn’t quite sure what he was implying and called him to see what he meant. This could have easily been avoided by writing it out, instead of trying to make it shorter and ironically more time was wasted.
Psychological Barrier – Alexius has always been told by her coach she needed a bit more practice with her dribble and many other imperfections she has with her favorite sport. She’s not sure she’s good enough to make the team because of her coaches comments previously and it causes her to not try at all.