CHED Memorandum Order

CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 20, series of 2013, otherwise known as the “General Education Curriculum: Holistic Understandings, Intellectual and Civic Competencies” is the policy cover for the revised General Education Curriculum (GEC), which offers greater flexibility than the current curriculum. The passage of the K to 12 Law enables such flexibility by freeing the GEC from Science, Mathematics, English, Filipino, Literature, Humanities and Social Studies subjects that are more appropriately taught in Senior High School. In so doing, the Law paves the way for the exposure of undergraduate students to various dimensions of knowledge and ways of comprehending social and natural realities “that promise to develop in the process, intellectual competencies—critical, analytical and creative thinking and multiple forms of expression—and civic capacities demanded of members of community, country and the world”. (Statement: CHED on Filipino and Revised General Education Curriculum, 2014)
In School Year 2012-2013, the Department of Education (DepEd), through DepEd Order No.31, s.2012, enjoined all private and public schools to find creative and innovative ways to implement the K to 12 Basic Education Program. On the Statement: CHED on Filipino and Revised General Education Curriculum (2014), the crafting of the revised GEC started in 2012 and took almost a year of public consultations and public hearings before the CHED Commission En Banc (CEB) finally approved it in March 2013.

The Commission on Higher Education recognizes the complementary roles of the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission in ensuring the smooth implementation of the K to 12 during the transition period.

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The nationwide implementation of Senior High School caused significant impact to the cohort of students eligible to proceed in college starting Academic Year 2016-2017. Further, the enhancement of the basic education curriculum led to the revision of the higher education curricula, which will initially be implemented nationwide starting Academic Year 2018-2019.

The Commission on Higher Education issued provided a guidance for the clarity of admissions for the affected students in the implementation of the K-12 and the New General Education Curriculum. These students are referred to as the “Lifelong learners” according to the Memorandum from the Chairperson issued July 13, 2015.