Children’s literature exists on many levels

Children’s literature exists on many levels.
It can be categorized according to the age
of the children in the target group,
ranging from children that cannot read by
themselves to adolescents. In this article,
the term ‘children’s literature’ applies to
every level.

In the old days, Thai children did not have
particular tales to read or listen to
individually, but simply read or listened
to tales together with adults. This was
certainly true of most lullabies, the
content of which was not composed for
children; the latter merely listened or
responded to the rhythm while the adults
listened to the story. The tales are the
same. Although the main characters are
children, the story may contain cruelty,
such as in the story of The Pla Boo Thong
(The Golden Fish), in which the father
kills the mother and the step-mother kills
the step-daughter. With developments in
modern education, adults are becoming
increasingly aware of the importance of
children’s literature in stimulating
children’s mental and emotional growth;
moreover, it helps to cultivate the thought
processes and imagination of young
children. The popularity of the bestselling
series The Adventures of Harry
Potter all around the world, including
Thailand, has prompted Thai writers to
revive folktales and traditional literary
works, to retell them and re-create them in
different literary forms and content in
order to attract the attention of the
younger generation. There are four ways
to create contemporary children’s
literature based on traditional sources.
The first method involves the re-creation
of the story with new imaginative touches.
The second involves the creation of a new
story line with certain characters from old
tales. The third involves a parody of certain
literary conventions and motifs. The fourth
involves the transformation of traditional
literature into picture-book form or comics.
The details will be analyzed below.

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