Communications Technology Essay

Communications Technology Essay.

Communications technology is defined as “information technology referring to all equipment and programs that are used to process and communicate information”. This essay is going to discuss the uses of communications technology, the advantages and the disadvantages of communications technology. This essay will also contain the impact of communications technology on private and public life as well as reference to the Health, Safety and Welfare Act.

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Communication can be done in many more ways than the casual face to face talking in-front of each other. Communication technology is constantly improving as it is used 24/7. The average person and business sector rely heavily on it as a method of instant communication. Communication technology includes phones,television,radio,social media platforms and anything that contains and delivers a message to one or multiple people at a time

Communications technology has its advantages alongside its disadvantages. The advantages are simply speed and time. We use our phones to access social media websites which in turn lets us send instant texts to our family, friends, peers, colleagues. For teenagers, students and businessmen it allows you to search information within a short amount of time. For teenagers like myself we can spend our time now online shopping without having to leave the house. For businessmen they can now have transactions through a video call. And for those of you who like to read, you can search the recent news faster than those who will go out to buy a newspaper, you would also get to know more information compared to those who aren’t using internet. We can see live streams of things happening in this very moment all over the world right from your device. We can show our qualities and skills from behind a screen rather than the face to face method as i mentioned above. Communications technology is cheaper and much quicker to transfer information around. It is also faster and efficient when contacting a relative.

However with using communications technology there comes disadvantages to using it. Although the internet has made communications easier,quicker and convenient there has been no shortage of privacy problems. Nearly all apps used on smartphones now require that you have location turned on allowing the app to track the whereabouts of its users. Online gaming is now an addictive sport within today’s youth, all of them competing against each other and downloading the newest games. Nowadays communication between people becomes fewer and fewer, even at dinner time most of them not saying a word to each other , engaged in some form of communications technology.