Day by day

Day by day , year by year haze phenomenon is not some good new news to be hear by every citizen in the world including our beloved country Malaysia. Haze is a dangerous air pollution that acts as a silent killer wihout we noticing it, We continue with our life as usual with eating , working , studying but do we know that we breath with poor air quality? Haze can be define as presence of harmful chemicals substance in the atmosphere that can lead to minor symptoms such as sore throat , bad flu and can even worst lead to lung disease and asthma. In the past several years , we’ve been affected by haze situation cause by our neighbourhood country where our API or Air Polutants Index has reach to 201-211 which is in very unhealthy levels. The government have no other options but to close the school and advise everyone to stay at home in order to make sure everyone if safe. This issue have become a controversy in the world as it can bring bad effects. To every problem , there must be a reason for it and so does this problem. The causes of haze in Malaysia is because of human activities , increasing number of vehicle and

Haze occur because of human activites itself such as open burning. In 2015 , Southeast Asia countries , faced the most horrible situation due to burning of forest in Kalimantan Jakarta. This is because there are some companies take the risk by breaking the law to clean the forest quickly by burning it for new planting or development. This can be supported in a research by Oliver Balch , stated that Linday Hallen , Executive Director of the conservation organisation Rainforest Action Network (2015) , Many of these fires are a direct result of the industrial manipulation of the landscape for new plantation development. Indonesia have no other option but to declared their county is in a very critical emergency at that moment and asking for help from other ASEAN country. Due to this matter , not only Indonesia that is affected but Malaysia is directly involved as well. Malaysian schools have forced to be close because the country is having the same heavy haze as in Indonesia. All outdoor activites are cancelled and even the airplane system is not functioning because of thick dusk in the air reduce the visibility and can make them in danger if they force to fly. This shows that causes of haze Is from open burning. Open burning not only can cause by other country but we as the citizen as well.

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Leading to the 21st century , several big countries compete among themselves to prove that who is the best. As we all know , China has become the countries that lead in vehicle the most following by United States and Japan. These vehicle is exported to other small country to be sell including Malayia. However when millions of cars is produce , this also tells us that It will lead us to air pollution like haze. This is because , every vehicles need power in order for it to move .The main power of it is from petrol and disel and once the engine is started, the fuel start to burn and it will release smoke to the atmosphere through the exhaust. Smokes from cars , trucks, motorcycle actually contain harmful substance which is carbon monoxide , nitrogen monoxide. When too many smoke is in the atmosphere , it wil cause haze and lead to sickness. This can be supported in an article by Kadir Danial (2016) Malaysia Kini , that 21 million of cars is registred every year and each one of them release smoke that bring danger to the health of people. The government is trying until now to overcome this problem by introducing public transport such as LRT and now even we have MRT. Main objective for the buildings of these public transport is to reduce the amount of vehicle used in the road because the higher the amount of vehicle , the higher risk of we will be facing haze. In summary , it is clearly shown that haze is cause by release of smoke by vehicle.

Back to the 19th and 20th centuries , Malaysia is known as Tanah Melayu at that time . When the Union Jack is still rulling , they have introduced the Industrial Revolution same as what as the are having in Great Britain. Although it is profitable for them but it has give us experience to handle our own country when British give us freedom in 1957. Malaysia now have became one of most independent country that is climbing to the top of the mountain . We’ve been import and export our sources , we produce many local things. These manufacturing factories is everywhere we can see in our country and it is most important income for the government. However if there’s a goodness in it , the are also the bad one. The bad one is , when there are a lot of factories , it has cause air pollution to the country such as haze or global warming.This is because the process is involving heavy substance and materials and factories release burning of fossil fuels in the air. We often can see big dark smokes in the air when we re in the car or in public places near factories . That actually the release of nitrogen monoxide , carbon dioxide into the air which cause poor air quality and lead to pollution such as haze and global warming.According to Cynthia Myers (2010) ,Environmental Protection Agency , In United States , 50% of air pollution is from the release of gases from the factories. Imagine there are thousands of factories in Malaysia and all of them release the harmful gases , what will happen to us? In summary , it Is clear that causes of haze happening is because of release of gases from the factories.

In conclusion to this issue , the main causes of haze is because of human activites , increasing number of vehicle and release of gases from manufacturing. All of us, has a duty to protect the earth as we live on it. Air is the most important thing as we breathe every second in our daily life. How can we life in longer if we are breathing with poor air quality? The government should take serious action for those who illegally breaking the law and cause the haze to be happen. Besides that , All Asean country also must cooperate together to solve this problem because if one country is affected , others also will go through the same because air is easily spread between seconds.