Deadrick and Gardner’s

Deadrick and Gardner’s, (1997) defines employee performance as the record of outcomes accomplished for each job function, during a specified phase of time. In this way performance is taken as a distribution of outcomes accomplished and performance could be calculated by using a range of parameters.Employee performance plays an imperative role for organisational performance. Originally employee performance is what an employee does or does not do. Performance of employees could include: quantity of output, quality of output, timeliness of output, attendance at work, cooperativeness (Güngör, 2011).

Mone and London (2014) opined that the key determinant of organisations output is employee performance. Therefore, this has a direct link with the strategies in achieving organisational objectives.The main component of an organisation is employees and their performance plays a vital role in determining the final output and financial gain. Thus, as Sparrow (2012) argues that a necessary process of organisational management is using the most updated and effective techniques to increase employee performance.
Sparrow (2012) conducted studies associating employee performance to the workforce productivity achieved from individual competencies and talents. In contrast the positive correlation of employee performances and the organisational parameters has been established in the study of Mone and London (2014). The two authors establish that strong management techniques have a positive influence on the performance of employees.
Main factors affecting employee performance
Employees have different personalities, their reaction to internal and external pressures are shaped by these influences. I have observed that the performance of employees is affected by their mental framework as well as the workplace’s environment which affects employee confidence, output and commitment – both positively and negatively. Thus, it is vital for an organisation to detect the elements that have a crippling effect on the performance of an employee at the workplace and make appropriate adjustments.
There are several factors impacting on employees’ performance. Some of the factors are positive which contributes to the improvement of performance whereas some have a negative effect on performance. This is supported by the findings from the study of Awadh, Alyahya and Saad (2013). The key factors that will be concentrated on in this research are:Conflict, Leadership, Nature of Jobs, Rewards and Recognition and Organisational culture.

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