Dear Mr

Dear Mr. Simpson

I am going to Africa to explore the savanna biome. First, I’m going to Dakar it is located north west of Africa. I went with my mom and my dad and it was my first time going to Africa and it was fun. I met a lot of people and animals. It was hot and the city that I went to it was nice and different then the U.S. Hopefully I come back well and don’t die and get bitten by a snake.

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The climate there is always hot even through December its hot highest 88 degrees and lowest 65 degrees. Dakar rain season is short lasts from July to October. When it’s raining its bad because it floods but only for a little bit. Right now. Right now, is 80 degrees. The annual rainfall is between 20-50 inches.

Animals that live in the savanna usually move for long distances in search of food and water because of the scarcity of those resources in the grasslands. The lives of the animals that live in the savanna like lions, snakes, zebras, elephants. The grasslands are home to the largest diversity of mammals. Besides, it is also the home birds of prey like hawks, eagles, among other species. During the long dry seasons in the savanna plants and animals’ species that call it home must adapt or die. The plants found in the savanna are called xerophytes they can store water for a long time.