Dear William

Dear William,
I read and enjoyed your novel, Lord of the flies. Your book shows how someone can get addicted to savagery easily and when addicted the person does not care about the consequences of their act.Jack represent the instinct of savagery, violence and the desire of power. Jack’s bad side started to become visible when he lost the election to Ralph . Jack used the boys fear to control their behavior. There was so much hate that grew between two boys who could of been friends. Ralph represented leadership, order and civilization. Ralph and Jack could of been a great duo of leaders by using each other’s skills. Two deaths, Simon killed because he was mistaken for the beast and Piggy killed in cold blood by Roger who loosens a rock from a cliff and let it fall on Piggy. What if the people that landed on the Island were girls ? Would they have a better behaviors? I mean some stereotypes says that girls are more mature than boys. But girls can be really emotional and act under the influence of their emotions. I have so many thoughts about girls being in the book instead of boys but I don’t expect too much either because it’s might be the opposite of what I’m thinking.