Different communicayion styles need to be used for different reasons

Different communicayion styles need to be used for different reasons, depending on target audience or situation. Many factors can change the requirements and the way you communicate to them such as: age, ethnicity and special needs.
If you were communitcating with children, it would be a lot different to speaking to adults in a meeting. Childrten has shorter attention spans and a lesser knowledge therefore using shorter sentances, using colour, using pictures, visual communication would help when comunicating with children. Whereas communicating with adults in a meeting, you would not need bright colours, pictures etc, only having to use what you need and what points you need to get across would make the communication a lot quicker and easier.
Another example is if you were communicating with special needs clients, depening on the help they needed you may consider using larger fonts, different colours or using a microphone to be able to be heard/seen easier.
You would also need to change your way of communication if for example you are teaching a new language. With the clients not being able to understand the language as well as a person whos first language it is you may think about usuig smaller simplier words rather than large complicated words.