Ebola is a disease or virus that spreads throughout the body

Ebola is a disease or virus that spreads throughout the body. Damaging theimmune system and organs as it travels. The platelets drop leading to severeand uncontainable bleeding. This virus kills 90 percent of people who areinfected.Ebola first discoveredI?n 1976, Ebola was first discovered near the Ebola River. The Ebola river is nowthe Democratic Republic of Congo. Ebola is a rare and deadly disease. Thereare five known types Ebola virus. Only three out of five types of Ebola viruscause the disease in humans. Africa is where the virus first happened. Scientistbelieve that the virus is animal-borne, with bats being the most likely source.There’s been 29 outbreaks reported since Ebola was first discovered.How Ebola is spread and symptomsEbola spreads through direct contact with bodily fluids of a person who is sick orhas died of Ebola or by animal or insect bites or stings. People can also getEbola through sexual contact. Ebola is extremely infectious but not extremelycontagious. Symptoms of Ebola include:Weakness, fever, aches ,diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain. Symptomstypically appear eight to ten day after exposure to the virus. When getting testedfor Ebola , you might be tested for Cholera or Malaria.Northern Zaire ( Now Democratic Republic of Congo)This is the first documented case of Ebola. It happened around a missionhospital in Yambuka, next to the Ebola River. 318 cases were identified with afatality of 88 percent.Sudan OutbreakThis outbreak happened two months before the outbreak in Northern Zaire. Asimilar outbreak happened in South Sudan. This outbreak did not getinternational attention. The outbreak originated in a cotton factory in Nzara. Thisoutbreak had a fatality rate of 53 percent.
Ugandan Outbreak In 2000-2001 a Ugandan outbreak happened resulting in 425 cases and 224deaths. This was the largest outbreak before the West Africa outbreak in 2013.The fatality rate was 53 percent. More women got Ebola than men. The Ebolaoutbreak lasted 42 days.West Africa OutbreakThe 2013-2016 West Africa Ebola epidemic was the biggest outbreak. There was28,646 reported cases and 11,323 reported deaths. The virus was caused byZaire. The West Africa outbreak lead to a global public health threat. It was thefirst virus to spread across multiple international boundaries. Most cases werelocalized to three countries: Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. Countriesincluding Germany, France, Switzerland,the Netherlands, and Norway acceptedevacuated cases.Democratic Republic of Congo Outbreak There hasn’t been any Ebola outbreaks until recently when the governmentcame out and said there had been an outbreak of Ebola outbreak in the Bikorohealth zone. Democratic Republic of Congo has had nine outbreaks of Ebolasince the discovery in 1976. On May, 14th there was a total of 41 cases,including19 deaths. On May 16th, vaccines arrived in Democratic Republic of Congo.Treatment for EbolaTo find out if you have Ebola your blood will tested. When getting tested forEbola, you might be tested for Cholera or Malaria as well. Treatment includes:Blood transfusion, oxygen therapy, and IV fluids.