Egypt and china had many similarities and differences in religious beliefs and practices

Egypt and china had many similarities and differences in religious beliefs and practices.Some religious beliefs and practices Egypt and China shared were that they were both polytheistic, both believed in the after-life, had strong burial rituals and both viewed their rulers as a god.However, there were also differences, like that the chinese believed in ancestor worship,also that the chinese used oracle bones to communicate with their gods, and the Egyptians used prayers.
The civilization of Ancient Egypt and China were some of the oldest civilizations.The Egyptian civilization developed along the nile river because the Nile river has an annual flood(between June and September)which helped the crops,soil, and agriculture population.The Egyptians used a writing system called hieroglyphics.They used symbols and characters to represent objects.The civilization of China first developed in the Yellow river.China was able to produce ample harvests thanks to the Yellow river.Ancient chinese civilizations used oracle bones to record information.They were specifically used as a form of divination.
To begin with,Egypt and China have many similarities in their religious beliefs and practices.One similarity is that they were both polytheistic, meaning they believed in multiple gods.Document 1 is talking about Re, the sun god, and Nut, the sky goddess, which shows the egyptians were polytheistic .Document 1 also states how “the king ascends to the sky”, meaning the egyptians thought of their king as a god.According to the Amsco book page 35, the Shang were also polytheistic.The gods they worshipped were gods of the sun,moon,clouds and wind.In ancient china, they wrote(specifically asked questions) to the gods using oracle bones.Document 7 also says that Egyptians don’t all worship the same gods,except Isis and Osiris.The author of document 7 is Herodotus, known as the father of history.Since he is an outsider, an advantage is that this document is not bias.On the other hand, since he is an outsider, there is a possibility that he might not understand everything well enough.Another similarity is the belief in the afterlife.Document 2, was an excerpt from the Book of the Dead.The book of the dead was all about the afterlife and the purpose was to prepare them for what’s to come. The Egyptians believed that they way you live your life will be rewarded or punished.According to the book of the dead, you would get eaten by a crocodile if you fail the test.Just like the Egyptians,the chinese also believed in life after death.Document 5 also shows that the egyptians believed in the afterlife because it is a carving of Osiris.Osiris was he god of death,afterlife,and resurrection.In the Amsco book page 35, it says that when the chinese were buried, they were buried with objects so that they can use them for the afterlife.Document 6 includes a picture that was during the Shang Dynasty, and it shows how they would bury chariots and dead bodies.The picture implied how the chinese were very big on burying their bodies and preparing for the afterlife.
on the contrary,Ancient Egypt and china have some differences in their religious beliefs and practices.One difference is that that the people from ancient China believed they had to worship their ancestors.Document 4 is an excerpt from the book of rites and it says how the chinese thought of their ancestors as gods. Since they worshipped gods, they though their ancestors deserved to be worshiped as well.Document 4 is also talking about the relationships between people,unlike document 2 which is talking about individuals.According to page 35 of the Amsco book, they believed that the spirits of their ancestors could speak to the gods.Egyptians respected their ancestors, but they did not worship them like the chinese did.Another difference is that the the Chinese communicated with their gods differently than the Egyptians.Document 3 is an interpretation of cracked bones(oracle bones) during the Shang Dynasty.The audience of this document was the king and the purpose was questioning if they should go to war or not.The chinese would inscribe questions on the oracle bones for the gods.The Egyptians did not use oracle bones to communicate with their gods.Instead, they prayed and made offering to their gods.Egyptians also worshipped their gods in large temples.
In conclusion,there were many differences in the religious beliefs and practice of China and Egypt.Some differences were that the chinese worshipped their ancestors, and that the egyptians communicated with their gods through prayers in large temples, unlike the chinese which used oracle bones to ask them questions.Ancient China and Egypt also had many similarities. Those similarities included, being polytheistic, believing in the afterlife and holding strong burial rituals.