Emirates’ first management issue is the human resources department problem

Emirates’ first management issue is the human resources department problem. Human resource management is a very important aspect, which cannot be ignored in the company because it is the most important process in most of the service based companies. Emirates shows tremendous growth in the business and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recruit people from different background and cultures, so the company becomes more difficult to manage their employee. Company in the United Arab Emirates airlines management is clearly found it difficult to manage the company’s employees, such as physical labour, including the formation of different countries and regions, but as the United Arab Emirates airlines is a very large group, especially is very important to the development of the aviation business, therefore, Emirates must realise the human resources department work may affect the company, and other problems, and the influence of these problems of Emirates airline business. Besides that, as in different departments in the Group, the various desirable and dedicated people had been stifled and allow down by means of senior managers who do now not appear to be capable of whatever other than executing orders from above. It has in no way mattered that HR has been given matters hopelessly wrong, as impacted individuals haven’t any voice or protection. Examples of both their invincibility and their incompetence may be discovered inside the FAQs file issued alongside the current state of redundancies in Dnata.

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The second issue of the Emirates is employee productivity. The productivity of employees is the core of successful enterprises. When employees are upset and unhappy, their work is affected and eventually, the company is affected. When employees have problems, they don’t reach their full potential. Employees with problems often call in sick or are mentally absent from work. The growth of workforce numbers in the Group is alarming. When too many people work together, it’s hard to avoid disagreements, slacking off, or bullying cases. Unfortunately, managers within the Emirates Group have worked at the ancient ‘process evaluation by recruitment’ precept. When taking transport of new aircraft, it’s far obvious that proportional will increase to team and preservation staffs are required. Other areas will also justify near proportional increases. However, aid capabilities must be aggressively managed, with the group of workers numbers contained. Although airlines success is dependent on the ground and air to the joint efforts of the employees, the flight personnel’s primary responsibility is the actual transport organization customer, make their experience satisfying, comfortable and pleasant (Baker ; Dismukes, 2002). The efficiency, ability, and attitude of the crew members are crucial to customer satisfaction and customer retention. Low efficiency and insufficient self will lead to customer dissatisfaction, which will have adverse effects on the corporate image, sales, and profitability. If there is a job to be done, employees wait until the supervisor instructs them to do so they can ensure that no work is pending. Now the Group faces a huge value trouble. Employee attitudes to work are also important. Some employees have problems with their work performance. In order to ensure that the work is completed on time, their deadline for problems should be given.

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Baker, P. D., ; Dismukes, K. R., (2002), “A Framework for Understanding Crew Performance Assessment Issues”, The International Journal of Aviation Psychology, 12(3), 205-222.