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Hillary Clinton
Is the any presidential candidate that has promised a better future for Americans like Hilary Clinton? A win for Hillary Clinton as President of the U.S.A will bring positive changes to the Nation since she understands economic inequality and want to fix it. She supports gun control, and also supports other women in the climb towards equality. With all the ISIS crisis that is going on in the world today, a woman like Hillary can calm and make some peace with other countries. Therefore, Hillary Clinton should be president because she is experienced, qualified, and above all has plans for improving the lives of citizens.

Although Hillary Clinton has some flows, and, some history of dishonesty, Americans still will prefer her to win the presidential election 2016 because she is experienced. For example, she has a history of leadership and successes in duty poses like U.S Senator from New York, Secretary of state and above all eight years as first Lady of the United State.
Secondly she is qualified. As a mother who has raised her child, and as a wife, she is qualified because she look upon her country with motherly love, and also like her responsibility to make a bather home for all. For example in one of her speech she says “we are a country where people of all background, all nations of origin, all languages, all religions, all races, can make a home” www.brainyquote.com.

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Thirdly, she plans to improve the lives of citizens. Hillary understands economic inequality and promise to bring a change and also support other women in the movement towards equality and better health management. For instance, her achievement in the Global Health Initiative in 2010, which was designed to put focus on maternal and infant health. The GHL has implemented strategies to improve medical facilities, reduce the spread of HIV and lower infant and maternal mortality rates. Hillary intensions are all promising positively and will benefit the American people.

America has always been a great nation that has shown love to other countries. Also, there has never been a Female president in the history of the United State. With all the crisis terrorist and ISIS have been causing in this times, A win for Hillary Clinton as the president play a big role in moments like this because with all the experience, qualifications, and above all the love of a mother, She stands a better candidate to improve the lives of citizens and also extern that love to other parts of the world.