Ever since the invention of fire

Ever since the invention of fire, human innovation has shaped the way we live. Technology and humanity are inseparable and throughout history technology and humanity have shaped each other. Technology has played a significant role in the making of todays society and if it wasn’t for engineers, the way we live today would be a lot different. The way we use technology has adapted to the needs of society advancing the way we approach everyday problems. Technology combats many societal issues we see on a daily basis as engineers among many others research, create and test new products that will improve the functionality and accessibility of human life. The impact new technology has on society is not always positive however as it is often paired with multiple consequences. Although engineers innovate ways to benefit our lives, there are also negative effects it has on society; such as financial or environmental for example. Over the past 12,000 years engineers created a global network of breathtaking complexity shaping our society, layer by layer; suppling us with food, water, shelter, power, goods, transportation and communication all with the help of technology.
From the outset, technology has touched every person on earth and has shaped humanity over history. Our current technology is first recognized in connection with our ancestors during what’s known as the mechanical age which dates back to 1450 and extends to 1840. The first technological inventions were used to solve math problems and are known today as calculators. The slide rule and the difference engine are two example of engineering innovation that were used for multiplying, dividing and tabulating polynomial equations. Another prime example is the invention of the telegraph and Morse code. Developed by Samuel Morse the telegraph revolutionized long-distance communication and worked by transmitting electrical signals over a wire laid between stations. Samuel Morse also developed Morse code allowed for the simple transmission to be sent across telegraph lines (https://www.history.com/topics/inventions/telegraph). It is important to not forget our first inventions as many technological devices we use today were derived from inventions in the mechanical age and forever change the way we function in our daily lives. As curiosity grew and creativity peaked, engineers began to invent machines to make work easier for society. Life in the early 1900’s was starting to resemble todays modern day technology as history moves into the electromechanical age. The telephone is a perfect example on how innovation compounds as Alexander Graham Bell developed one of todays most common forms of communication. Buildings, bridges, and roads were now needed as population grew and transportation began to become more common. Technology had a major impact on the development of transportation methods as now people can travel further, faster. In 1914, the first commercial airline took off and in 1908 the ford model T was produced.