From an early age

From an early age, I have been fascinated by computers and how they work. In my childhood I assisted my father in building & repairing computers at home (fathers business), to studying IT at secondary school at GCSE level. From there, I continued my interest at Barnsley College where I enrolled for the full time IT course. I am currently studying level 3 Diploma course and I hoping to achieve a distinction grade by the end of it. My interest in computer forensics has come about from studying a unit at college that explored the concepts, theories and practices behind it. I am most interested in security issues and how to develop my skills using a computer.
I’m a hardworking and a driven student who is willing to put in the hours and effort to anything thrown my way. I decided to apply for this course because out of all the ones I’m doing at college this is the only one that stands out for me, I’ve enjoyed every lesson of it and learned lots from it. It peaked my interest from the first lesson upon doing it and I like to think I have can achieve great things from this course. I have a good attention to detail when it comes to coding because if you make one spelling mistake it can ruin your whole program, this in my opinion would be beneficial to the course, and I’m also well organised and efficient.
I have a part time job at quality save a discount store located in my home town of Barnsley I work 15/20 hours a week I’ve stacked shelves and worked on the tills which has boosted my confidence a lot over the past few years of working there, it’s also brought me out my shell and now I feel less self-conscious and awkward around my peers and customers. The skills that I have gained from working at quality save is the ability to work collaboratively within a group, I believe this will greatly benefit me on this course when it comes to working groups as it will enable me to work participate confidently and not be afraid to share my ideas with the rest of the group. In my spare time I like to spend it either with family and friends but mostly I like to play computer games.