Generation Vaccination Leonardo H

Generation Vaccination
Leonardo H. Castellanos
The first important question to ask when a child is showing these symptoms, is whether or not this child has been vaccinated. A person cannot just assume that the child has no been vaccinated, since they run he risk of getting defensive. In the modern age we live in, there is a common misconception that since many of the diseases that caused a need for vaccines have been eradicated, vaccines are no longer needed, and they actually have more disadvantages. Although people are obviously entitled to their opinions and beliefs, they are not only putting their child in danger, but also the rest of those who they may come into contact with.

The child whom was brought in shows an indication that the true problem is not an asthma attack, but rather it is pneumonia. It is important to explain to the mother of the child that a reason she may have contacted this disease, is by children who live in areas near her. She could have prevented this, and other diseases she may come into contact with in the future if she had chosen to vaccinate her child. Since the child had not had any previous exposure to diseases of any sort, she contracted the disease quickly and considerably more severe. The way vaccines work is that they introduce small amounts of the viruses into the body, and this allows the body to know what to fight against if they come into contact with a disease like this as a child goes on through life. If the mother wants to further prevent her child from getting diseases like this that could have been prevented, then it is important for her to consider getting her child vaccinated.
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