-4575347406272Name: Amy Lee
Due date :
Teacher: Miss Holland
0Name: Amy Lee
Due date :
Teacher: Miss Holland
Introduction 1
Global perspectives- Economic impacts
National perspectives- Environmental impacts
Local perspectives- Social impacts
Solution (course of action-recommendations)
Personal reflection

What is the impact of mobile phones globally, nationally and locally on people, environment socially and the economy within our digital world today?
In what ways do the production, use and destruction of mobile phones impact the environment of Australia?
Does the use of mobile phones effect the impact our social life status in a local perspective? Does it have positive or negative effect?
How does the use of mobile phones new and old effect our economy in global perspectives?
1.0 Introduction:
Interconnectedness means the state of being connected with each other. It contributes to modern technology like smartphones and watches which rely of software updates, data display and connectivity. On April 3rd 1973, Martin Cooper made the first mobile telephone call from the handheld subscriber equipment after producing the first mobile phone by the brand Motorola which he was a Motorola researcher and executive. All around the world there are approximately around 5 billion mobile phones that are in use. Since the 2000’s the ownership of mobile phones have increased immensely. This report will show what the impacts of mobile phones are in global, national and locals perspective of the environment, economy and social life of our digital world.

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2.0 Global Economic Impacts- How does the use of mobile phones new and old effect our economy in global perspectives?
One of the indications that smartphones are an essential part of the mobile economy is the fact that so many people now contain them. According to the Pew Research Centre it is estimated that around 64% of the adults in the United States own a smartphone while 90% of American adults own a cell phone. Technology has economically development throughout the world. However, it is only that mobile technology and smartphones in particular have been significant throughout economic factors. Another impact of the smartphone is its ability to connect the technology and infrastructure together in the developing world. The cellular signal is far more practical than hardwiring telephone and data lines in many parts of the developing world. Access to mobile technology and affordable smartphones offers incredible promise and economic opportunities for companies across the globe.

Operator investments are to totalled around $880 billion from 2011~2015 and with the mobile broadband and LTE network deployments a key driver. Investment levels rose over this period and peaked in 2014 and with a global total of $195 billion. The mobile operators across the globe will continually face pressure on cash margins and slowdowns in new LTE placements leading to annual declines throughout 2020. Total capital investments over the periods to 2020 will reach up to $900 billion and will stay stable with the previous year periods.
3.0 National Environmental Impacts in Australia- In what ways does the production use and destruction of mobile phones impact the environment of Australia?
Mobile Phones have both positive and negative environmental impacts in Australia. The cause of the negative impact is because most of the materials used in technologies are hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, arsenic and brominated flame retardants. These toxic substances are a real threat to our ecosystem by contaminating our water, air and soil. These Metals build up in the soil and they can enter the food chain and may cause health problems like damage to the nervous system, reproductive and developmental problems, cancer and genetic impacts. For example, Cadmium is considered as the 7th most dangerous substance known to humans for It is also carcinogenic. An additional toxic substance found in mobile phones is lead. If lead is absorbed into the bloodstream it will cause the liver and kidney damage in adults and neurological damage in children. When lithium is exposed in our environment, it can cause the metal to burn triggering underground fires that are difficult to distinguish. Furthermore, the toxic substances are harmful our wildlife due to containing all sorts of plastic and metals which makes the separation process difficult. According to a recent report by ABI Research, the e-waste market is expected to nearly triple by 2015.

4.0 Local Social Impacts -how does the use of mobile phones effect the impact our social life status in local perspectives? Does it have positive or negative effect?
The local social impacts are mainly affected by young adults and is now a part of their daily lives. It also is now the most popular form of electronic communications making a technology tool to a social tool. Young youths normally use their mobile phones to organise and maintain their social networks. However, there are some negative impacts such as ostracism and cyber-bullying. Mobile phones can also cause changes in families, safeness and freedoms of young peers. They also cause financial issues and intrusion particularly in young people. Using mobile phones during schools can impact students because it disrupts lessons, leads to cheating and cyberbullying.

5.0 Solution
It is estimated that Australians are hoarding 10 million phones so the number of unused or retired phones will keep growing year after year, increasing problems for the environment. The content of mobile phones varies from model to model and as technology advances overtime, we will see changes in the composition. Mobile phones and accessories contain concentrations of toxic heavy metals. Metals such as Persistent don’t degrade in the environment and Bio accumulative builds up fatty tissues that can reach toxic levels overtime. If these metals are leaked in the environment it may contaminate our water and soil. However, the Aussie Recycling Program and many environmental organisations that are worldwide truly believe that recycling mobile phones is the only functional way to help keep our environment safe and clean. This encourages everyone to take the responsibility in making recycling a benefit for everyone by protecting the environment.

6.0 Conclusion
7.0 Personal Reflection
8.0 bibliography