hollow droplet is lower than that during dense droplet impact

hollow droplet is lower than that during dense droplet impact. A Kumar, Sai Gu and S Kamnis8 have reported that low impact speed delayed the rupture of the droplet shell. They also reported that larger impact velocity is reason for faster growth of the counter jet. In other studies A Kumar, Sai Gu, H Tabbara, and S Kamnis9 have reported that in case of hollow droplet, central splash is more as compared to dense droplet. Final spreading diameter is smaller, and splat thickness is more for the hollow droplet. Total solidification time of splat is much larger for hollow droplet impact. In all these studies of droplet impact 1–7, assume that the droplets are continuous and dense. A very limited work 8-9 are related to impact of hollow droplet. The detailed study of impact of hollow droplet and solidification behavior on a cold substrate is missing. The limited studies in this field 10,11 reported that coating done with hollow particles opens up improved coating properties. The thermal insulation property of a surface can be enhanced by controlling the porosity of coating 11-12. The voids in droplet influence not only hydrodynamic and solidification behavior but it also influences the particle in flight behavior such as acceleration, and oxidation 13.