15 Best Seattle Clothing Boutiques
Seattle is known for its quirkiness and unique style. People here are free and live life the way they want it. Rain shells? Plaid shirts? Socks with sandals? You can dress whatever you feel like – nobody will have a problem with that. There are some shopping heavens for people with style, be it functional or totally aloof, that you should definitely visit when in Seattle.
Here are fifteen of clothing stores and boutiques that you will fall in love with:
1. Moksha
Moksha used to be known for its colorful threads and unconventional style along the Ave, but now it stands its ground firmly in Chinatown-International District that is not known for boutiques. You can find silk-screen everyday wear, and local brands, like PRC and Clear Coated. Other unusual items might show up on the shelves to represent various parts of the world and travel.
2. Peridot Boutique
This shopping place is for a woman that is well put-together. Lindsey Snider owns the shop and hunts for fabulous styles. She will keep you in line in perfectly distressed denim, fashion shoes, and a blouse that can grace you and work and at night. You are always welcome to come in and find exactly what you are looking for.
3. Mario’s
For those of us who crave a modern look, but need a classic service, Mario’s is a place to be. Even in Seattle one will need a perfectly tailored suit – we all have weddings to attend and fancy restaurants to eat at once in a blue moon. Designer mens- and womenswear brings high fashion to you.
4. Baby and Company
Don’t think that this Baby and Company has anything to do with a baby. You will not find any onesies here, but you can discover luxury clothing and accessories for men and women. International designers offer a reliable way of telling what’s in season this year.
5. Hitchcock Madrona
Come here if you want to get a statement necklace and you are guaranteed to leave happy. The experts here will pick something bold, refined, and essential. Whatever your style, understated or over the top, you will find something that speaks to you. The boutique carries everything from 18-karat-gold bar necklace to a shark-tooth cuff and everything in between.
6. Prism
The store has everything any Millennial might desire: local fragrance, jewelry, unique home goods, fashionable outfits, and more. After weed got legalized, shoppers can find glass rainbow pipes and cute ceramic vessels.
7. Division Road
The store caters to old-style luxury lovers. If you love looking and feeling like a cool American journeyman from black and white pictures of old, Division Road is for you. Crisp denim, Japanese flannel, and leather cap-toe boots are staples here. You will also find contemporary sweaters, pull-overs, and cardigans.
8. Hammer and Awl
This store is here for a real man’s man, a worker, but without tools. Practical Seattle men who also want to be stylish will find apparel, accessories, and housewares. Various brands live here alongside their hand-crafted creations, made for a dashing male.
9. Pipe and Row
The understated store caters to classic and conservative clientele. The store is owned by local Kayla Boehme since 2014 and continually offers great quality and beautiful choices of simple tees, velvet trousers, and heeled mules in earthy tones.
10. Momo
This corner shop operated like a mom and pop establishment and blended something that does not seem easily blendable – Asian and European styles with surprising results. You can find shibori-died scarves, Saint James sailor tops, Italian merino wool socks, bow ties, Hawaiian shirts, and accessories from Pacific Northwest.
11. Sway and Cake
This boutique has had a good run in downtown and recently reopened for a new life in a hipper place. This house of denim, silk, and fur found a new home in a place where you can do yoga, get ramen, listen to a live band, and shop for current trends in Sway and Cake.
12. Moorea Seal
This boutique had a modest beginning as an Etsy shop that grew into a physical store. The space on 1rst Avenue is impressive and very feminine. You can find stunning leather boots or Seattle-based simple, but sophisticated jewelry. Gifts are wonderful here too.
13. Clementines
There is nothing not to like here for shoe addicts and thread addicts alike. Rack and racks of booties with heels and platforms, and then rows and rows of threads from brands like Prairie Underdog. Vintage wares store Swan Dive is waiting for you downstairs for the complete shopping pleasure.
14. Rizom
If you are brave enough to throw a pair of extra-wide pleated pants and finish the ensemble with a knitted crop top – this boutique is for you. This Belltown den features the store’s co-owner Deborah Roberts’s own clothing line Silvae and Faris Du Graf’s jewelry collection.
15. Glasswing
The boutique caters to both sexes and looks like a place that your trendiest friend might live at. You will find luscious plants, craftily stocked wet bar, charcoal soap by the sink, and a closet full of lived-in jeans. This is how the Glasswing rolls.