Human Labors being replaced by Robotics

Human Labors being replaced by Robotics:
Now it has became important issue to be concerned which is that, the many of the industries in the corporate world are replacing their human employees or labors by artificial intelligence (AI). They are using robots instead of human labors. With having advantages it also have large disadvantages also. It is actually matter of debate if the question is, “which one is right?”. Basically, humans are more ethical than the robots. Because all the robots are programmed by human with some specific ability. And because of that the robots cannot take any decision if the situation is out of their program. The discussion of switching of human labors to robots is discussed below-

i) Social Issue: The replacement of human workers by robotics is causing a huge impact on the society. We all know or at least suspect that the rate of taking over jobs of robotics is alarming. Though the use of robotics is helping us or making our time more efficiently but in the end they are taking over the jobs of human labors. And as a result, the company may be having great benefit but ultimately the society is facing unemployment issue, and this issue is created by those companies who are using robotics instead of humans. Moreover, the robotics are doing all the regular tasks for humans and because of that humans are getting useless. Human labors do not have any jobs and money. They are facing scarcity of their existence in the society. And in the long term the use of robotics will create a wide gap of wealth among the people. Rich people are going to be richer and the poor people going to be poorer. Because without job they won’t be able to make money for their livelihood. And this unemployment issue may lead them to commit crime. Because when people don’t have jobs to make money they must will find another way to make money which may be right or wrong.

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ii) Economical Issue: As we all know that our economic system is based on compensation for contribution to the economy. Mostly assessed by using an hourly wage of the workers. The majority of industries are still dependent on hourly based work when it comes to products and services. But with the use of robotic or droids, a company can drastically cut down the dependence on the human workforce. And this indicates that revenues will reach to only few people.
In the economy of UK, each additional robot reduces the employment of human workers by5 or 6 workers. The researchers predict that in near future the robots will have effect on almost every occupation. In the end, the individuals who own companies driven by artificial intelligence will make all the money. And the people of middle class and lower middle class with face a huge crisis socially and economically.

iii) Responsibility Issue:
Now we are living in a world where robots or artificial intelligence are starting to take care of those things that humans are used to do it. For example- medical procedures, transactions, e-commerce activities and also the military actions. The robotics are given more responsibilities than humans, and this a matter of concern. Because the robots only work according to its programmed orders which is given by humans. So, in case there comes a situation which is not programmed in the robot, the robot will fail take decision and work properly. But a human can take decisions no matter what the situation is. For example: A robot is given orders to wipe out ‘cancer’ from a country or particular area. The order is given to wipe out the cancer disease but not given how to wipe it out. So, if the robots kill all the cancer affected people, according his system it will correct but ultimately it is wrong.
Robots are undoubtedly more efficient than humans. But in term of sense of responsibility robot cannot ever defeat human. Because robots are only a human programmed machine nothing else. Whereas, humans have emotions and also sense of responsibility, the can cope up with any situation. Robotics is type of functional machines created for the assistance of humans not to lead humans. Robotics are just a tool, so should give authority over humans and also do not depend on them.

iv) Privacy Issue: When the debate is between the human labors and robotics then privacy is a major issue. Nowadays people use robotics to keep maintains their corporation’s privacy. But as we all know robots process all of their activities through electronic data. That is why the corporation keeps their information in electronic form so that the robot ca access those and also can maintain privacy. But there is a saying that, “No digital info is 100% secured’ because there is always a way to crack it. And there have occurred such situation. There was news of Cambridge Analytica scandal, where 87 million face book profiles were stolen and used to influence the US election and Brexit campaign. So, privacy on the hand of artificial intelligence (AI) is not fully secured. It can be misused so the corporations should be aware of these. But we can rely on human labors regarding the corporation privacy issue.

v) Law Issue: The existing constitutions or laws were not developed with the concept of artificial intelligence in mind. So there no very specific laws for robotics or artificial intelligent services. However, it does not mean that the robots or artificial intelligent services are beyond rules and regulations. All the AI based products or services are regulated by laws. As suggested by Brad Smith, Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft, “Governments must balance support for innovation with the need to ensure consumer safety by holding the makers of AI systems responsible for harm caused by unreasonable practices”.
But in the case of human labors corporation can take actions according to the law. Because there are very specific and clear laws and constitutions for humans. Human labors are strictly regulated. So if they do any unethical activity, action can be taken easily against them based on the existing laws. But if the robot labors perform any mistake or failure, it will be very complicated to take action against it, because in the end it is a machine.

vi) Security Issue: Security is a major issue for corporations. In case of the replacement of the human labors by artificial intelligence product the security will be no longer in human’s hand. It will be handed over to artificial intelligent system and then it will be known as cyber security. And when a corporation or company is under cyber security it becomes a matter of concern because there had occurred many incidents regarding cyber security. The hackers or the cyber thief can take part in cyber crime and crack into the corporation security system and steal away valuable info’s or even money. There has been recorded many cyber robbery all over the world. For example- A robbery of $1billionwas reported in banks from Russia, Europe and china in 2015 and half billion was stolen from the crypto currency exchange of Coincheck. Though artificial intelligence can ensure the security of the company from vulnerabilities but it can also be used as a tool for hackers break into any organizations in different and sophisticated way.

Robots are creation of humans and they were created to provide assistance to humans in regular activities. But if the robots do all the work and the humans’s just sit and monitor them, health hazards will increase rapidly. Then obesity will be on top of the list. And undoubtedly, robots are faster, stronger and efficient than the humans but they are not smarter than the humans. They are only able to do those tasks which are they only asked to do. But if they face any situation which is not programmed, they will fail to perform their task because they cannot do anything by themselves. That’s why human labors are must needed. To advance the production robots should be used but not by replacing human labors. Because everything has some advantages and disadvantages as well.
Now it is twenty century and we are highly dependent on the robotics. In spite of that, we cannot let robotics to be a leader of ours. Because humans are far more efficient than robots in terms of decision making powers, handling complicated situations, brainstorming, creativity etc. And also better in terms of sense of emotions, responsibility and empathy in to the working place. The usage of artificial intelligence will bring more technical advancement and more profit to certain companies but in the long run they will face the scarcity of human labors.
In the end, what we can expect out of a artificial intelligent product which has a small level of programmed intelligence. Robots are unable to reach the level of human intelligence or to rationalize the situation. Human labors will always have a vital role in every corporation and workplace which cannot be replaced. Moreover, no corporation cannot overrule the significant rule of human labors in business.