I believe in the famous quote “Winners don’t do different things

I believe in the famous quote “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

It is with this principle that we often happen to see that the best of our creativity, competencies and fortitude are bought in action when we voluntarily take on challenges.

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I have done MBA in finance but I chose Assurance profile as a profession as that was a need of the hour. Having said that and after having nearly 5 years of experience in Assurance not only I grew comfortable and started enjoying working in assurance profile, along with that the realization grew as well that it is way more than crunching away numbers. I slowly started realizing that auditors help promote transparent financial reporting which is an important element in today’s highly integrated and global economy and helps keep our economic system functioning in an efficient and accountable way.

Realizing my interest and acumen for Assurance as a subject area, I therefore decided in order to grow in this industry and in my profile, it will help me if I have an accounting qualification. That is the reason I chose MBA (CPA). For me MBA and CPA will be a combination for future perspective.

An excellent academic performance throughout my school and collage as well as active participation in academics has helped me to develop strong analytical abilities and good communication skills. The willingness, understanding and interest to explore complex problems and situations coupled with years of experience at PwC SDC has not only enhanced my enthusiasm for team work, a love for challenges and a desire to learn all that I can and deliver results within tight deadlines and in demanding situations, but also, have given me the confidence to pursue further studies which will help me achieve my goal.

The MBA-CPA program offered by Goodman School of Business will provide me with advanced standing in the CPA Professional Education Program. By Pursuing this course I will not only bet pursuing an MBA degree and a professional accounting certification simultaneously, but also help me develop practical strategies in order to become a dynamic leader with knowledge and expertise to succeed in my career.

Decided on an MBA-CPA, I am convinced that Goodman’s unique position as an international MBA is perfect for my short and long term goals. The customizable curriculum, the flexibility of the program and the Co-op program would effectively and efficiently improve my organizational and entrepreneurial skills. Working with various motivated and inspired individuals from all across the globe through the Global Program will help me achieve right perspective of the industrially relevant education & studies and being mentored by highly prominent faculty would ensure that my time spent at Goodman Business School is a continuation of my experience rather than a detour. The strong alumni network would add force to my goals and would ensure that I get the best leg up towards my aspirations. And while I aspire to achieve my dreams by completing the MBA-CPA from your esteemed university, I look forward to giving back in equal measure.

I bring with my candidature a strong amalgamation of educational qualification and work experience. It was perhaps the reason which set in motion my ventures in my organization which helped me become a better team player and a leader. Moving to Canada, I look forward to sharing the same enthusiasm and bringing that experience to my peer network, sharing the facts and the maturity of working in multi-cultural teams while I move towards my own aspirations and carve out my future.

I have selected MBA program of Goodman School of Business under Brock University because of its outstanding faculties and research facilities for MBA, prime location in the global arena with emphasis on a collaborative learning environment, flexibility in curriculum, globally recognized certification and a global perspective to various key issues. I hope to become a part of this dynamic culture which should give me a leading edge to work effectively in diverse terms and situations.