If you want to buy a video game PlayStation and Nintendo are your go-to companies

If you want to buy a video game PlayStation and Nintendo are your go-to companies. They are the biggest selling companies in the gaming world. Both PlayStation and Nintendo were found in Japan yet in different centuries; Therefore, there must be a variety of differences between them. This essay is aiming to differentiate between both companies, on three grounds their start, their gadgets, and products then finally how environmentally friendly they are.

Firstly, the history of both companies. Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Nintendo on the 23 of September 1889. Yamauchi began producing “Hanafuda” a Japanese card game in Kyoto, Japan. Those cards became the first game the company sells. A century later Nintendo created its first electronic game on July 15th, 1983. the game was called the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). That makes the beginning of a new era, The gaming era. As for PlayStation, the brand was created a century later. Sony and Nintendo worked together in 1988 to develop the Super Disc. which lead to Sony joining the game making competition. They released its first game on the 3rd of December 1994. The released game’s name is PlayStation X (PSX).

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Secondly, their gadgets and products.as mentioned in the previous paragraph, Nintendo started off with selling card games. later on, they produced other games; Beam Guns and arcades are an example. Cards and arcades games are not the main focuses of this essay, video games are. Jump forward to 1983, Nintendo started working on home video game consoles. in the same year, they released their first worldwide game The Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES was released first in Japan, a year later in America then lastly Europe. The game sold over 61M units worldwide. The success of the game leads to many other types of home video games. From TV connected ones to portable ones, most famously the Gameboy series. Nintendo’s latest video game was released in 2017 and it’s called switch. The game is portable and can be connected to the TV, which is considered a glorification to the other companies.one of those companies is PlayStation. Just like Nintendo PlayStation produced both portable and TV connected games. The companies most famous product was the self-named games. They started from PSX until their latest PS4 pro that was released in 2016. what both companies have in common nowadays is the set of wireless controllers, motion controllers, and the virtual reality headsets.

Lastly, how environmentally friendly they are.