In my workplace we promote

In my workplace we promote: equality, diversity, equal opportunities, choice, privacy and dignity, respect, individuals rights & choices, duty of care, independence, confidentiality.

Each of these is promoted through –
• Residents meetings – each resident has the right and choice to attend resident’s meetings that are held every 3 months on each unit. These meetings allow residents to make suggests for ways in which the home can be changed, they can discuss their care ; what they are happy and unhappy with. We also discuss their meals, whether they are happy with them and any changes they would like to see on the menus. Any new activities they would like to try or any other news that affects them.
• Residents paper care plans ; RIO assessments – these are reviewed and updated regularly by a designated keyworker for each resident. Any changes to their health, care, needs or wishes is updated when this occurs. Their paper care plans ; RIO assessments are otherwise updated every 3 months and as a senior I audit both the paper care plans and RIO assessments every 3 months.
• Confidentiality – this needs to be maintained at all times, all residents, staff members, families and other information needs to be stored securely ; correctly. It should only be shared on a need to know basis with authorised personal.
• Resident’s care plans & needs and likes – each resident has their own individual care plan which entails the care they wish to receive from a member of staff. On the inside of each resident’s wardrobe door there is a residents personal care needs ; likes form which explains to staff what care the resident wishes/needs and their preferred preferences e.g. bath, continence aids, clothing.
• Activities – each day we have a different planned activity for example: bingo, sing-a-long, chair-based exercises, church service. Each resident is able to decide which if any activity they would like to join in and they often suggest new activities that they would like to participate in.
• Independence – all residents are encouraged to promote their own independence, staff encourage them to do as much for themselves as they are able to. All individuals are able to make their own decisions and staff are encouraged to ensure that it is always the individuals choice. For example: would the resident like a bath or shower, what clothes would they like to wear today, would they like a biscuit with their cup of tea or coffee?
• Religious beliefs – all residents are entitled to their religious belief and are supported with their religious preference. We have a church service within the building on a Thursday and Sunday afternoon. Every resident is offered the opportunity to attend.
• Privacy ; dignity – all residents are treated with dignity ; privacy. When entering a resident’s bedroom or bathroom staff would always knock and wait to be told to enter the room. Ensuring that curtains are closed when attending to personal care and providing residents with their own space and giving them their personal space when needed.

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