In our time tourism industry develop with in incredible speed

In our time tourism industry develop with in incredible speed. Day by day this industry need the new people with especially skills. Have you ever been in the hotel or restaurant and been impressed? If you can balance several things while keeping a smile on your face, you may have to work as a hotel manager. The work of this people is to provide good work for their facilities and the same time achieve problems with patience and a pleasant attitude for the quests and employees. According ACS Distance education (2018) that would be successful in this business you need more than just knowledge, it is necessary to develop excellent management, time management. A good hotel manager knows how to transfer parts of the functions to other employees. Always monitor every part of the business-kitchen, service, cleaning, front desk and always on the move, always in contact with the stuff. travelling it awakens cross-cultural communication between different people. Therefore in the hospitality industry needs that people growing up professionally. The good hotel manager must be a good to understand and talk with different people (International Business Management 11(7): 1523-1531, 2017) industry depends on a quality employees to provide a good service to guests.
There are three main skills of a successful hotel manager. One of them communication skills.
A good manager needs to be able to communicate effectively. For example in a big hotel many positions and really important to know how to build relationships when you are a manager. You need to understand how to manage relationship between yourself and the subordinates and the relationship between those who work above. People who understand and feel others well, are able to understand the needs and feelings subordinates. (Strategic Innovative marketing pp91-95, 2017)
A good hotel manager bring up a culture of a professionalism, where the guests feel valued and the staff is proud of their work. This not only means communicating job, it means listening to your team and working with them to produce results with their position. Based on a study “Key Skills for European Union hotel staff” the communication skills, collaboration skills, and team working are one of the basic skills in this business (Acta Prosperitatis. 2015, vol. 6, p75-94.) of the hotel also write company reports, business latters, give presentations to the customers and employees, they should be able to speak well public. Team building and ethics, communication skills are the most important factors. (International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration. Apr-June2014, Vol. 15 Issue 2., p191-216.) important skill is it organization. Manager must be able to organize projects, schedules and people. Organization talents are especially important in big hotels, which have more operations. They try to schedule important meetings when most of the team are available. They stick to their plans and check that everything will be completed at time. For example in the hotels with casino organizational skills are the most important and each hotel have own rules. (UNLV Gaming Research and Review Journal. 2014, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p1-21. 21p)
If you are not organized in your position, then maybe your employees will be the same.