In the past

In the past, construction companies used to save all their data and records in paper documents and use old-fashioned manual processes to estimate projects’ costs by drawing two-dimensional maps using pencil, paper, architectural scales and spreadsheets (Degenaar, 2013). This process used to take months to be completed as it was depending on human skills and effort only.
Automating the cost estimating process and digitizing historical records helps in increasing the efficiency and accuracy of data. Technology made a big difference in the field of construction cost estimation by making it easier and faster to the estimators to access all required data of latest materials, equipment, and labor costs to generate estimates. Nowadays, there are different software and applications developed to collect, study and analyze data. Use of technology assists in benefiting from stored historical data for cost and budget estimating. Development and improvements in software are rapidly continuing either by upgrading existed software or by new software and technologies emerge