In this era of global competition

In this era of global competition, technologies advanced and “big data”, there is a war of talent. How we embrace the wind will separate the leaders from managers. I have always looked for the best education for myself, reason I am in the United States. But being competitive in the jobs market is decisive in my school choice. This determination of getting a good education led me in looking for a program with strong reputation, excellence, leadership in the discipline with positive results and feedback from graduates. The idea of pursuing a Texas MSBA would simply be the next logical step for me, in this time where the technology and business are moving intertwined towards it apotheosis.
On a personal level, this one-year program would constantly challenge me intellectually because of the effort I should make in setting me apart in the program and the exchange between classmates whose passions and expertise vary will certainly sharpen my mind and nurture innovative ideas. Socially as well, moving into a megalopolis will be a big step for me. However, this environment will be stimulating without being limited offering many opportunities to explore.
Professionally, I will benefit of impressive intellectual and technical resources offered by the University. This opportunity will close my professional exposure and future employers as Austin overflows many companies in several industries. Also, I will develop skills needed to achieve my career goals.