In today’s era

In today’s era, Energy is the primary source for the survival of the universe. Now, we really need to think over where one can save more and more energy so that we can fulfil the needs and demands of everyone. Therefore, we came up with the idea of a simple mechanism so that the situation can be somewhat improved. Its operational in different part of the world but is not widely known. Our paper includes how to utilize the energy which is wasted when the vehicles passes over a speed breaker. Lot of energy is produced when a vehicle passes over it.
There are many ways to utilize this energy i.e. Roller mechanism, Spring mechanism and piezoelectric Method. In this report we will mainly focus on the roller mechanism method. It is a simple project in which when a vehicle will pass over the roller the kinetic energy produced by it will be converted into mechanical energy through roller mechanism. Then this mechanical energy will be converted into the electrical energy which will be saved using battery. The energy saved during day can be used in night time for street lightings. Therefore, with this mechanism we can save a lot amount of energy which can be used to fulfil our future demands.
One can conclude that to be a happy and a prosperous nation, a human being needs to consume more and more energy.